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August 2022 - PRESCHOOL
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Let’s Talk, Read and Sing about PRESCHOOL! When talking about the first day of preschool with your little one, use words to show your excitement! Children can pick up the emotions that you may be feeling. By saying “I know that you’re going to have a great day at preschool and I’m so excited for you!”, this may make the idea of preschool less scary for your child! 

Talking is Teaching has pulled fun tips and resources grounded in the best science, to help you talk, read, and sing with your child every day.

Activities For You & Your Little One
The preschool years will fly by quickly! As a fun way to remember the great days of preschool, make a “back to school” time capsule with your little one. Throughout the year, put items into the time capsule, from stories of great thing that happened, to crafts that your child makes. At the end of the year, you can go through the time capsule with your little one and talk about your favorite moments!

Overcoming Fears Through Pretend Play
PBS Parents

The first days or weeks of preschool can be a scary time for a young child. PBS Kids for Parents’ article “Overcoming Fears Through Pretend Play” has a great list of ideas to help your child through this stressful time. 

  1. Take a trip to the library and read a book together about a character who is afraid of something. Talk about what happened in the story and what made the character feel better.
  2. Talk to your child about what Zoe was afraid of in the Sesame Street episode “Afraid of the Bark” and how she overcame her fear.
  3. Ask your child if he has any fears. Explain that it’s okay to have fears and reassure him that you are there to protect him. While his fears may seem silly to an adult, they can be very real for a preschooler, and it is important to acknowledge his feelings and anxiety.
  4. Together, problem solve how to help him overcome his fears. For example, if he is afraid of the dark, create a routine at night that will help soothe his fears, such as turning on the night light. Reassure him that he is cared for and safe.
  5. Through pretend play, children often have an easier time making sense of the world around them. Role play a situation that your child might be nervous about and practice different strategies to help him feel less afraid. For example, if he is afraid of the dentist, role play what may happen at the dentist's office, such as what he will see and do during his next visit.

A Day in the Life of a Preschooler
Sesame Street in Communities
Sesame Street in Community is a great resource for parents! Check out “A Day in the Life of a Preschooler” article and video. Watch the video together and encourage your child to comment and ask questions. 

Learning Activities for Pre-K
Michigan Learning Channel
It is never too early to start preparing your child for preschool. The Michigan Learning channel is a wonderful resource that has a section containing activities geared towards your child’s age group. 

Talking is Teaching Activity Calendar
Talking is Teaching READING Book & Video Recommendations
Cuddle up with your little one with a book or a video about PRESCHOOL! Books build connections. That’s why it’s important to read with your little one every day!

Below is a listing of recommended books and videos from Talking is Teaching. If these are unavailable, visit your local library and ask the librarian for ideas. 
Visit Your Local Library and Ask a Librarian

Contact your local library to learn about the FREE resources available to you and your child.

Birch Run - Thomas E. Fleschner Memorial Library 989-624-5171

Breckenridge -  Howe Memorial Library 989-842-3202

Bridgeport - Bridgeport Public Library 989-777-6030

Chesaning Township - River Rapids District Library 989-845-3211

Frankenmuth -  Frankenmuth Wickson District Library 989-652-8323

Hemlock -  Rauchholz Memorial Library 989-642-8621

Merrill -  Merrill District Library 989-643-7300

Saginaw - Public Libraries of Saginaw 989-755-0904

  • Butman-Fish Library 989-799-9160
  • Rudolph C. Zauel Memorial Library 989-799-2771
  • Ruth Brady Wickes Library 989-752-3821

Saint Charles -  Saint Charles District Library 989-865-9371
Sing & Dance with Sesame Street
Sesame Street: Preschool Musical

Join the Sesame Street characters by singing along with Preschool Musical. 

Social and Emotional Resources
Talking is Teaching
The ability to express and recognize feelings is important, especially as your child starts to attend preschool. Encourage your little one to label how they’re feeling, from happy, mad, sad, to scared. 

MSU Extension - Parent Workshops
Preschool in Saginaw County
Round 2 - STEM Passport App Scavenger Hunt
STEM Pipeline
Round 2 of the STEM Passport Scavenger Hunt started on Monday, June 25 and runs through the end of August!

There will be prizes available for the top number of check-ins on the app, as well as several prize drawings for all participants.

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