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June 2022 - Worries
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"Talking is Teaching: Talk, Read, Sing" is a public awareness and action campaign that helps parents recognize their power to boost their children’s early brain and vocabulary development through simple, everyday actions ... "
Let’s Talk about WORRIES! When your little one is feeling worried, take a pause together and spend a few minutes outside. Look around and name one thing that relates to each of your five senses (touch, taste, scent, sight, sound). For example, say things like “I see a tall tree, I hear birds singing, I smell fresh cut grass, I can feel this crunchy leaf, and I can taste a raindrop that lands on my tongue!” This simple activity helps redirect your child’s attention and being outdoors is a natural stress reliever! 

Activities For You & Your Little One
Talking is Teaching Tip:

Studies show that being surrounded by the color green lowers your stress hormone level, which is one reason spending time outdoors helps to naturally reduce your worries! Go on a nature walk with your child and play “I-Spy something GREEN!” How many green things did you spot on your walk?
Feelings Coloring Sheet
Sesame Street in Communities
Print out the Sesame Street coloring page and have your little one color the picture. Ask them which grown-ups they can talk to about their feelings. When they’re ready, help them write those names at the bottom of the page. They can hang their page up at home to remember the grown-ups they can talk to.

Safe Place Breathing Icons
Conscious Discipline
Teach your child to calm down by using Conscious Discipline’s Safe Place Breathing Icons.  

The first step in any discipline encounter is to take a deep, calming breath. Three deep breaths shut off the fight or flight response in the body. This download includes instructions and illustrations for the S.T.A.R., Drain, Balloon and Pretzel active calming techniques in three different sizes.

Scavenger Hunt - Worries
Conscious Discipline
When children are able to identify and name their feelings, it can help them learn how to respond to their emotions and build their social-emotional skills. With your child, go on a "Feelings Scavenger Hunt" and talk about each emotion! What does each emotion feel like? What should we do when we feel angry or sad?

Talking is Teaching Activity Calendar
Talking is Teaching READING Book & Video Recommendations
Cuddle up with your little one with a book or a video about WORRIES! Books build connections. That’s why it’s important to read with your little one every day!

Below is a listing of recommended books and videos from Talking is Teaching. If these are unavailable, visit your local library and ask the librarian for ideas. 
Visit Your Local Library and Ask a Librarian

Contact your local library to learn about the FREE resources available to you and your child.

Birch Run - Thomas E. Fleschner Memorial Library 989-624-5171

Breckenridge -  Howe Memorial Library 989-842-3202

Bridgeport - Bridgeport Public Library 989-777-6030

Chesaning Township - River Rapids District Library 989-845-3211

Frankenmuth -  Frankenmuth Wickson District Library 989-652-8323

Hemlock -  Rauchholz Memorial Library 989-642-8621

Merrill -  Merrill District Library 989-643-7300

Saginaw - Public Libraries of Saginaw 989-755-0904

  • Butman-Fish Library 989-799-9160
  • Rudolph C. Zauel Memorial Library 989-799-2771
  • Ruth Brady Wickes Library 989-752-3821

Saint Charles -  Saint Charles District Library 989-865-9371
Sing & Dance with Sesame Street
Sesame Street: Singing Out Your Feelings

Sesame Street’s Elmo is singing about their feelings. Take turns singing out your emotions to “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” (for instance, “I am feeling really sad/glad/mad”). The next time kids are having big feelings, encourage them to try singing them out. Kids, especially younger kids, don’t even have to use words to express their feelings. 

Parent Cafe
Great Start Saginaw
Online Parenting Classes & Webinars
STEM Passport App & Scavenger Hunt
STEM Pipeline
A STEM-based scavenger hunt is kicking off soon in the region, aimed at getting families and kids engaged in local out-of-school-time learning activities. Organized by the Great Lakes Bay Region STEM Pipeline, the Great Lakes Bay Region STEM Passport app is a dynamic resource for parents, teachers and caregivers to access information about STEM-based activities and events in the region. 

The Great Lakes Bay Region STEM Passport Scavenger Hunt starts next week on Tuesday, May 10 and runs until Saturday, June 18. There will be prizes available for the top number of check-ins on the app, as well as several prize drawings for all participants. 

Summer Reading Programs
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