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We hope you are enjoying your summer and the heat that comes with it. 


Remember to stay hydrated, especially if you are out in the heat for long periods.  Dehydration and heat stroke can be very dangerous.  It is recommended that you drink water before going out in the heat, drink more water every 10 to 15 minutes, and another glass of water when your activity is finished.  Caffeinated drinks dehydrate rather than hydrate, so choose your beverage wisely.


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Bats Vital to Pest Control and Food Production
Threatened by Disease
Bats play a very important role in food production right here in Limestone County. 
An article featured in the June 9th edition of the News Courier stated that bats in Limestone, Jackson, Lawrence, and Marshall Counties are being affected by a fungal disease called white-nose syndrome.
Learn more:  Watch Video of the Month in the right column.
No matter how you feel about bats, this should be of concern because bats play a very important role in pest control, which is of great benefit to agriculture.  There is plenty of farming taking place in Limestone County, so it does affect us.
There are 16 species of bats in Alabama and every one is an insect-eating machine!  According to the Alabama Bat Working Group, a small colony of 150 bats can eat up to 33 million crop pests in a single summer.  They also eat mosquitoes and other insects that "bug" us right in our back yards.  One bat can eat 36,000 insects each month!


If a bat flies close to you, it is only because it is trying to capture insects that may be flying near you.  They have no interest in anything but filling their bellies with bugs and going back to their "homes".  They don't want to get in your hair, and they won't suck your blood!  Please do not harm them. 

If you find a sick or dead bat that appears to have white fungus on it's muzzle or ears, contact the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources at 256-353-2634.  White-nose syndrome poses no risk to humans; however, handling an infected bat could cause the spread of spores if you get them on your clothing.  It is recommended that you do not handle bats.
 Seeking Volunteers to Water
Community Gardens

John Cotten watering gardens
We are pleased to announce that KALB will be working closely with the Truancy Intervention Program (TIP).  Through this program, we will have young adults and parents tending the community gardens once per week.
KALB continues to seek volunteers willing to adopt the gardens for one week over the summer to be sure they are properly watered.
Volunteers would agree to give the gardens a deep watering 2-3 times through the week.
KALB has made the task easy by providing several hoses and two sprinklers.  The sprinklers can be set up and turned on while other areas are watered using spray nozzles.  Volunteers may also set up the sprinklers and leave, then return and move the sprinklers to other locations.  That way volunteers won't have to stay at the gardens for long periods of time.
If you are interested in adopting the task of watering the gardens for one week (or more) over the summer, you may sign up through the following link.  KALB staff will be available to answer any questions and to give you the information you needs to obtain the equipment.
All produce grown at the community garden will be donated to Limestone County Churches Involved Food Pantry (LCCI).  These vegetables will feed hungry families right here in Limestone County.

Recycling Myths
When deciding to begin recycling, someone may be afraid it will take a great deal of time and effort.  This can discourage people from even starting the process.  Here are a few things you should know:Recycling Superhero
  • It is not necessary to remove labels from cans and bottles.
  • Caps should be left on bottles.  They are recyclable, too!
  • A quick rinse is all that's needed before recycling cans and bottles.
  • Plastic windows do not have to be removed from envelopes.
  • Paper clips and rubber bands can be left on office paper.
  • Newspapers can be recycled with all of the inserts.  No need to separate.
  • Electronics are accepted during business hours Monday through Friday.
  • Cooking fats and oils can be recycled and we provide a collection bottle.
  • Used motor oil can be recycled!

Please remember that medical waste such as IV tubing, syringes, mattress pads, needles, and other products for medical use CANNOT BE RECYCLED.  Yes, we do find these items in drop-off bins.  They pose a great risk to our employees who sort all recyclables by hand.


We ask everyone to consider the next person who has to handle your recyclables.  Recycle with that person in mind.

  • The following items SHOULD NEVER be taken to the Recycling Center: Household hazardous waste (cleaning products, chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers, etc), medical waste including insulin needles and dialysis tubing, drugs of any kind, paint of any kind, Styrofoam, tires, clothes, mattresses, wood, yard debris or household trash.
If you have any questions about whether something is recyclable, contact the recycling center at 256-233-8746.  Recycling Center staff will be happy to help.

"A Race to Protect the Environment"

This race was established in 2004 and has many repeat participants citing the race as being a good course, mildly challenging, and well organized. 
KALB has had the good fortune of having Eric Patterson act as our Race Coordinator for several years now.  Eric is an avid runner and has participated in a variety of races locally and in other states, and is a member of the Fleet Feet Racing Team.
Eric and his team of volunteers always keep the participants in mind and work to ensure your safety while you have a great run, jog, or walk!
Check out the link below for more information or to register to participate.

Alabama's Worst Invasive Plants
Native plants are those that live in an area of the world without human intervention.  These are plants that have inhabited a certain area for thousands of years.  They developed a tolerance for the area's climate and get along with other plants and insects that live there.
Kudzu overtaking other native plants.  Picture from National Parks Service
Non-native plants are those that were brought in from other areas of the country or the world.  This could have been intentional (decorative plants for landscaping) or unintentional (accidentally carried to another area on boots, clothing, or other means).  These plants often are not used to our soil, heat, and water conditions and are easily injured by local insects.  They are harder to grow and keep healthy and often do not support the wildlife in the area.
Non-native plants can become invasive.  That means it takes over and kills native plants.
One example is Kudzu which was brought to the United States from Asia as an ornamental plant and for erosion control.  We all know what happens to anything that gets in the way of Kudzu.  It takes over anything that can't run away! 
Here is a link to an article discussing some of Alabama's worst invasive plants.
June 2015






Importance of Bats to our Ecosystem and Agriculture
Please take a few minutes to educate yourself on the importance of bats to our ecosystem, food production, and our own back yards.

Upcoming Community Events

Jun 19th  Singing in the Park
6 p.m. Big Spring Memorial Park in Athens (intersection of Beaty & Market St.).  Enjoy Trippin' Dixie.  Rain location:  Emmanuel Baptist Church.  Free.  Information:  256-232-5411

Jun 22nd - Jul 3rd
Ron Pettus Flag Exhibition
Alabama Veterans Museum, 100 West Pryor Street, Athens.  Ron Pettus will display his carefully curated collection of American Flags collected over 50 years.  Information:  256-771-7578

Jun 25th, 26th & 27th
Athens Lions Club Kiddie Carnival
Kittie Carnival Grounds, 309 East Forrest St, Athens.  Rides for the little ones, bingo for the big kids and adults.  Concessions available.  Ride tickets are $.50 each.  Information:

Jun 27th   Light Up the Night 5K Run/Walk
7:30 p.m. Athens Bible School, 507 Hoffman Street.  Join Bankston Motor Homes and Athens Bible School for a run that weaves through the historic districts lit by luminaries to mark the course.  Runners are encouraged to wear anything that glows.  5K Registration: $30  1-mile fun run: $5.00 (no shirt) or $20 (with shirt). 

Jun 28th  Family Fun Day 
Humble Hearts Farms, 25235 Mooresville Rd., Elkmont, AL.  Enjoy a day on the farm with free tours, bottle feeding baby goats, free cheese tasting.  A variety of local producers and vendors with fresh produce, goat cheesecakes, goat cheese macaroons, and more.  Information:  256-777-9268

Jul 4th   Elkmont Saturday Market
8 a.m. - Noon  Downtown Elkmont, AL.  Focus will be antique, vintage, up-cycled, repurposed, artisan made goods.  Also, locally grown produce, tools, and quality home goods.  $15 per booth.  Information:  Call or text 256-256-627-3139

Jul 4   Athens Saturday Market
Athens-Limestone Farmers Market, 409 West Green Street, Athens.  Come peruse the wares of local artisans, famers and small businesses from 8 a.m. - Noon.

Jul 4th   Cruise In
3 p.m. - 6 p.m.  Downtown Athens.  Bring your hot rod, motorcycle, truck or unique vehicle and park on the square to share your love of automobiles with other enthusiasts.  Shop the boutiques and stores and enjoy a meal downtown.

July 16th   10th Annual Cruz-In
Ardmore Sonic Drive-In, 26909 Main Street, Ardmore, AL.  Join the Ardmore Boys and Girls Club from 6-8 p.m. and share the nostalgia of yesterday.  Bring your unique collective car or truck.  No fee.  No judging.  Donations appreciated.

Jul 18th   4th Annual Sam Gibbons Walking Horse Show
5 p.m.  Limestone Sheriff's Arena, AL Hwy. 99, Athens.  Join the Alabama Veterans Museum and Archives for their annual fundraiser benefitting the expansion of the museum.  For more information, call 256-771-7578 or 256-777-4578
Jul 18th   CASA Mud Volleyball
Athens Swan Creek Park, 100 US 31, Athens.  Up to 100 teams come to sling a little mud and have a little fun as they raise funds for CASA starting at 9:00 a.m.  For information and registration:<span=""><>




P H O T O S 
* * *
The Athens-Limestone Beautification Board has been busy replanting the pots on the Square and at the KALB office.  Thank you for making our community so beautiful!


KALB is seeking individuals or groups that would like to take one week over the summer to be responsible for watering the community gardens. All supplies are provided.




for information or to sign up.  You may also call

256-233-8000 to have any questions answered.


See more in this newsletter. 




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