To kick off the celebration, our awesome Children’s Department staff are sharing a few of their favorites. Did any of your treasures make the list?

In 1968, a group of 94 students advocating for racial inclusivity at Wisconsin State University-Oshkosh were arrested and ultimately expelled. What really happened that day? Join UW Oshkosh professor Dr. Steven Kercher and Associate Vice Chancellor Dr. Sylvia Carey-Butler for the full story.
Feeling like you need a breather from all the festivities? When the shopping, cleaning, prepping and partying get to be too much, here are a few ways the library can bring some relief .

When genealogist Mara Munroe needed help solving a 400-year-old mystery, she tapped the library’s Reference staff and historical documents collection. What did she discover?
Comic books are a great escape for the mind, and these days they're more than just super heroes and villains. There's a world of stories and topics to explore. A local comic book expert talks about the latest trends rocking the genre.
Have you ever read a graphic novel or been caught up in a comic book? Even if you haven't, their wide range of stories and striking illustrations are bound to draw you in!
Community faith leaders discuss gratitude as experienced through the lens of belief. Add your voice to the conversation!

Can’t recall which books you’ve read in that English murder mystery series? Want to be the first one on your block to get the newest release by your favorite author? Harness the power of the catalog to keep track of your checkout history and get author alerts. 
Parents are their children’s first teachers. Learn how to help your little learners soar with High Flyers!
Like a Christmas cactus, on-screen romance always blooms in time for the holidays. If you’ve got an appetite for feel-good movies this season, Hoopla is sure to satisfy. 
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Thanks to all who braved our haunting literary experience and lived to tell the tale. Until next year ...