January 22, 2020
Let the Children:
For and About Children
Everyone is back in Sunday School for the next three weeks. Preschoolers are learning about how Jesus welcomes and loves children. He blesses them and has a special relationship with them. K - 4th grades are reading about the disciples - who they were and what does it mean to be a disciple today. 5th - 7th grades will spend their time in the library where they will have a special lesson based around the birth story from Matthew. This story focuses less on the lives of Mary & Joseph and looks more at how others reacted to the birth. Three wise men came from afar, a king panics and begins doing horribly cruel things as he searches for the baby, and Mary and Joseph flee as immigrants to another country to find safety for a while.

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Sunday - Sunday School for 7th Grade and below

Feb. 2 & 9: Regular Sunday School for 7th grade and below.

Feb. 9: π dia - Come join us from 4:00 - 5:30 as we find ways to serve our neighbors.
Let the Children Come to Me

It had been a long week for Jesus. He was surrounded by bickering disciples, followed by large crowds seeking healing, and had traveled from Galilee to Judea over hot, dirty roads. This would have been more than a few days walk. When there he was confronted with a group of Pharisees who came to test him. (Matthew 19:3). No sooner had he finished with them, then some people came, bringing their children to be blessed. Jesus could surely have looked at this as just one more thing to do, one more interruption! But when His disciples would have turned them away, anxious perhaps that Jesus get some rest and not be bothered by unimportant people like children, what does Jesus do? Matthew 19:14 tells us Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” 

What is it about children that makes them examples of the kingdom of heaven? I suppose it could be a lot of things. I believe part of what He meant has to do with the simplicity of life a child comes to faith with. They also have great trust, believing in those who care for them; having no doubt that the loving parent will take care of their needs.

So today how do we "let the children come to me?" We tell them stories about Jesus. We read the Bible and talk over the confusing parts. We teach them to pray. We bring them to church. We help them build a relationship with Jesus. We don't hinder this, because they are what the kingdom of heaven belongs to.
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