Fourth Sunday of Advent (B) | Dec 20, 2020
Let the clouds rain down the Just One
and the earth bring forth a Savior!

The Entrance Chant for the 4th Sunday of Advent (from Isaiah 45:8) reflects the sublime beauty of the incarnation - the wedding of the human and the divine which took place in history when the Blessed Virgin Mary united her will to God's by saying "yes" to God's Word, and which continues today as Christ is made present in the world through his Church. Jesus longs to be born anew in each one of us, so let us join Mary in saying, "Let it be done unto me according to your word" in all the circumstances of our life.

In Christ,
Deacon Matt
CCM In-Depth
Beginning in October, we started a monthly series on YouTube called CCM In-Depth in which we took a deeper look at some aspect of our Catholic faith. For our first episode we looked at morality in voting, while November's episode examined the Church's teaching on purgatory and indulgences. You may be asking, what happened to the December episode?

We haven't had a December episode because we have instead been taking an in-depth look at the Incarnation of Christ in a special Advent series based on St. Athanasius' seminal work On the Incarnation. But don't worry -- we'll pick the series back up in the new year.
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