Grades 3 - 8
Youth League
Spring 2 Overview
Welcome to the 2021 Spring 2 Season of Alodia’s Tomball Competitive Basketball League (TCBL)! We are excited for another great season! A reminder that this email is for Grades 3-8 only. For Grades 1-2, please see email sent last week or click HERE.

To stay informed with updates going forward, please visit our website, click Youth Leagues, select Tomball, Spring 2 Information (available by 6 pm on Sunday, April 25). Please check this page weekly for important announcements, offers, and information. Don’t forget to like the 'Alodia Sports Academy' page on Facebook to view league photos, special offers, etc. throughout the season!
We assure you that we are doing all we can to keep our families and yours safe and healthy. Please review the COVID-19 Guidelines on the season information page now and again before the season begins.

While things are a little different than before, thankfully we have this opportunity to come together safely and let the children do what they do best – play! 
*Please read
to the bottom of this e-mail*
Important information for the upcoming season (some new!).

Before launching into the information – THANK YOU THANK YOU for playing in the league … we very much appreciate your family joining our Alodia family!

NEW! League App – Please download the SportsEngine App from the AppStore and sign into the app. Your coaches will communicate with you through the app and team name, stats, standings, schedules will be accessible through the app.

Practice Information- we'd highly recommend you click HERE to view the practice grid/schedules with full explanations! You can also access it on the Tomball League, Spring 2 Information page by 6 pm on Sunday, April 25.

  • Practice Gym Location Specifics:
  • Salem Community Center (where evaluations were held)WEST of 22601 Lutheran Church Road, Tomball, 77377
  • NOTE: outdoor basketball pavilion at Salem is not available for public use.

  • MONDAY PRACTICE ONLY: Mondays, April 26, May 3, 10, 17 & 24

  • WEDNESDAY PRACTICE ONLY: Wednesdays, April 28, May 5, 12, 19 & 26

  • NO EXTRA PRACTICE TIME AFTER PRACTICE IS OVER – we get charged extra for every minute after your allotted gym time. Please NOTE: only use a half court even if the other half is open.

Basketball Size – Grades 3-6 will play with a 28.5 basketball and grades 7-8 will play with a 29.5 basketball. PLEASE BRING SANITIZED BASKETBALLS TO PRACTICE - basketballs are not provided!

Second Practices – some coaches choose to have a second practice. This is ok but must be “optional” – never held against a player for not attending. The optional practice also cannot be during skills training for the league.

Skills training/combo package – if you are registered for skills training with the combo package, skills training starts Monday April 26, 6-7 pm at Salem Community Center for Grades 3-8.

The next sessions are Mondays, May 3, 10, 17 & 24.


Game Schedules - The season’s game schedule will be posted on the website and in the SportsEngine app on Tuesday, April 27th by 10pm.

All games will be played at Salem Community Center, Rosehill Christian or Hildebrandt Intermediate.

The schedule includes 4 doubleheader weekends. The league is combined, and you will be playing against Woodlands/Klein teams. The season will end with a single elimination playoff tournament on May 28-29. 

Team Rosters - After you sign in to the SportsEngine app, you will see your team's name, coach name, and roster by Sunday, April 25. Your coach should have contacted you as well. If you have any other questions, please send an email to

Jerseys – reversible jersey tops will be available for you at your first practice. They will not be available before this date. Please arrive 30-45 minutes before your first game. Home team wears light and visitor team wears dark. Reversible jerseys are purple and white with orange print so wear shorts to best match the uniform if possible. Coaches will distribute these from biggest to smallest player (can’t request favorite numbers, etc.). Please accept the number they give you and ask for help if your child’s jersey is TWO sizes too big.

Season information - Starting Sunday, April 25 after 6 pm, please remember to check the Tomball League, Spring 2 Information page on the website once a week for the most updated information. There will always be weekly announcements posted and updated stats and standings.

Administrative Issues - If you have issues, please first email us at before calling if possible. This helps us provide documentation for the issues.

Awards – we give awards in each age division (3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th) for top players. All awards besides scorer will be based on observation and evaluation of the games not just pure stats.

All-Star Game Details
  • 3/4th & 5/6th & 7/8th All-Star games will be played May 29 after the championship game of their division. You will be notified by Tuesday, May 18 if your son/daughter has made the team. The registration fee will need to be paid by midnight on Thursday, May 20 to secure their spot. PLEASE MARK THE DATE TO BE LOOKING FOR THE EMAIL!

  • The registration fee if your son/daughter makes the All-Star roster is $25 – it is OPTIONAL for your child to participate. If he/she gets chosen, they will receive a dri-fit All-Star shirt ($25 value).

Rules – See Youth League Rules on the Tomball League, Spring 2 Information page or by clicking HERE. Below are some clarifications:
  • Every player must play half the game (20 minutes). If a player shows up late to the game, their time will be prorated, and the 20-minute playing time rule will not apply.
  • 3rd /4th grade must play man to man defense during the first 30 minutes. The easiest way to describe this rule is that players cannot press full court and can only pick up their player at half court during the first 30 minutes. In the half court, a defender can only switch players and help defend when the offensive player drives into the free throw lane area. Violating this will create a warning and after 2 warnings a technical will be assessed with the offense receiving 2 free throws and the ball.
  • If any player, coach, or parent receives 2 technical fouls in the same game, they will have to serve a one game suspension and not be able to participate in the following game. If any player, parent, or coach receives three technical fouls in a season, they will be removed from the league without any refund.

Event Code of Conduct - Please read the Event Code of Conduct found on the Tomball League, Spring 2 Information page or by clicking HERE. This is a reminder for everyone - coaches, players, parents, fans - since in the spirit of competition sometimes we forget how to treat everyone with dignity and respect at all times.

Score Table – Home team provides clock operator and visiting team provides person to do the score book. We need people that understand how to do the score book since we keep stats for scoring and list on the website. WE MUST HAVE VOLUNTEERS TO HELP WITH THIS AND MUST BE READY PRIOR TO GAME TIME! The supervisor will help parent volunteers.

Stats – We will be keeping track and posting scoring stats. The scorekeeper (book) volunteer needs to keep total score and individual points so we can post accurate information. NOTE: as soon as a scoring stat error is found, please see information on the website or click HERE to submit a Stat Correction Form.

Start time of Games – Please help us with the start time of games. We will start on-time or can start up to 5 minutes early. We cannot wait past game time for players to arrive. We can and will start games with 4 players if needed to avoid forfeits. We appreciate your understanding.

Refs – You will not get every call, I promise. We have very solid, state-certified refs that also ref high school and college games. Please model the behavior you would want someone to have if your spouse, son, daughter, friend was officiating. (Reminder: read the Event Code of Conduct on the website).

On-site issues – All issues should be brought to the Alodia supervisor's attention - including issues with your coach. If it cannot be resolved, we will have an incident report form that can be completed, and I will review if needed. Hopefully, we don’t have to use the process but there is one in place just in case.

Clean up – Salem Community Center along with nearby area facilities are arguably some of the nicest gym facilities in the city. Please help us keep them clean and looking great! General rule...leave the gym nicer than when you arrived. Please help us with picking up trash, throwing it away and cleaning up. We are always one bad mess away from having to move locations. We appreciate your help!

Sponsors - Make sure you check out our sponsors' information on the Tomball League, Spring 2 Information page. A BIG thank you to them! Please support our partners who support Alodia!


  • Summer 1 Youth League - Registration available Monday, April 26th! Season begins early June.
  • Tomball Summer Camps at Salem. Early bird registration ends Friday, April 30. Click HERE to register!
Thank you for reading to the end! And THANK YOU SO MUCH for all you do to make this league a success!

If you have any suggestions, please let me know. We will consider most anything and try our best to incorporate ideas where we can to make the league better and better.

If you have any questions, feel free to email

Wishing you the best of success on and off the court this season! 

Taylor Schippers
Alodia Basketball Academy