Have a blessed Triduum and Happy Easter!

Spring Break Mission Trip

Students traveled to Peoria, IL and internationally during spring break.  Enjoy photos and thoughts from a few of the students.


"The most memorable part of the trip for me was getting to pray with the monks.  One of the religious monks said that his 25 years of religious life flew by because his life was centered around Christ who is eternal and 25 years is very short compared to eternity.  All the work we did in Peoria was very rewarding but also flew by because Christ and prayer were a big part of our day." -Elise Gallant

"While on mission in Costa Rica, I was able to experience the life I truly desire, that is a life of authentic joy and freedom found when we surrender ourselves to Christ.  Coming back to Kansas State, I was faced with a lot of anxiety and stress knowing that I was returning to a place where people had expectations of me, that I no longer meet because my heart was truly changed.  I now thirst for God more than the things of this world that I kept me changed.  The people I encountered, taught me what it means to have radical trust in the Lord.  They had nothing and were incredibly broken, yet rejoiced in their brokenness and trusted in God all the more."  -Julia Johnson


"I went on a mission trip to Haiti.  Living side by side the Missionaries of the Poor brothers was incredible.  The brothers we stayed with centered their lives completely around Christ and were constantly serving the disabled people with love and joy.  It was incredible to serve the physically poor in Haiti, but here, God gives us an opportunity to fight for the spiritually poor as well.  Serving God, no matter where he has called us, is an absolute blessing, and we should be joyful in that." -Lane Nichols

"This mission trip allowed me to witness to extreme physical poverty of the homeless in Bogota.  I heard many conversion stories of these people and how they were making a change in their life, rediscovering their faith, finding their purpose, and  beginning to share love and grace that God has instilled in them to others.  This has allowed me to reflect on the times in my life where my soul has been spiritually 'homeless,' outside the house of our Father, and acting in unloving ways of selfishness, distraction, and gluttony." - Hunter Post
Seder Meal

Passover is the oldest festival of the Hebrew liturgical calendar.  It has been observed by the Jewish people for more than three thousand years.  It occurs in spring and lasts for eight days.  Passover begins with a ritual meal called a Seder.   On March 26 and March 28, a Seder was celebrated at St. Isidore's Catholic Student Center.

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA)

Thirty-eight men and women will receive the Easter sacraments during the Easter Vigil on Saturday, March 31.  These catechumens and candidates have been receiving formal instruction under the leadership of Maria Leiker, Director of Adult Faith Formation, weekly since mid-S eptember.

RCIA Catechumens receiving instruction during Easter Vigil Rehearsal
Tyler Bean, Joshua Clare, Ariana Dunlap, Christopher Hogan, Brittany Hollerbach, Tanner Hughes, Kylynn Keeler, Janelle Marney, Steven McDiffett, Brie Patel, Elizabeth Poppe, Dara Stephens

Abbigail Beckham, Sydney Childs, Brooke Engler, Nikki Haffner, Ca
rson Jennings, Justin Jennings, Kathleen Lee, Brittany Motley, Tayler O'Neal, Bo Richardson, McKaleigh Short, T revor Smyres, Lindsey Solida, Matthew Steiner, Mike Tatum, Tate Tremblay

(receiving the sacrament of Confirmation)
 Hunter Corneliusen, Vanessa Diazdeleon, Lauren Garvert, Taryn Glissman, Jared Grieve, Autumn Mock, Katie Murphy, Leonardo Ortiz-Santiago, Brook Smith, De'Nae Torres
RCIA Candidates receiving instruction during Easter Vigil Rehearsal
GROW Green Match Day
With your help, we could secure up to $10,000 in matching funds on GROW Green Match Day on Friday, April 20, 2018.   On this day, the Greater Manhattan Community Foundation will match donations made to our endowment fund.
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