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Let us build a world of peace
Easter Greetings!

Please join us in building a world of peace together — across different continents, nations, cultures, ethnicities, races and religions.

Watch this video about Maryknoll lay missioners' and their local partners' many-faceted work for justice and peace around the world.
Now is the time to re-imagine
As we begin to think of a post-pandemic world, let us not rush to return to "normal." Ted Miles reminds us: We need our imagination to fuel our creativity and attempt to see and re-imagine the world through God’s eyes.
Sowing mustard seeds in São Paulo
Joanne Blaney reflects on this Sunday's gospel reading and shares the story of Andersen, a formerly homeless leader now reaching out to the more than 30,000 living on the streets of São Paulo, with more continuing to arrive due to the pandemic.
What's next for you?
July 16-18
Discernment Retreat

After 18 months of great change and challenge in our lives, are you unsure of your next steps? Join us to intentionally pause, reflect, pray, and discern what comes next FOR YOU!

Retreat theme:
"Let Us Dream a New World"

Learn more about becoming a Maryknoll lay missioner at our next Zoom webinar, Wednesday, July 21, 2021, 6 PM EDT 
Your donations enable us to
  • build the capacity of local partners to address the needs of their communities.

  • transform unjust structures and work for more compassionate societies.

  • accompany people in their daily lives, using our skills to respond to pressing needs. 
"Blessed are the peacemakers" (Mt 5:9). Thank you!