Zen Buddhist monks thousands of years ago grew moss in their temple gardens, cultivating them on stones and walls. Moss served as a key element symbolizing tranquility, and harmony both elements of meditation. To contemplate a landscape meant a respite for the busy mind. Creating minimalist moss covered shrines, the monks used stones and small plants to design miniature wild environments.

Moss Walls - a new trend

The horticulture industry is always changing and a new trend appearing is moss walls and vertical gardens. Moss has been identified back as early as 250-300 million years ago from fossils. It is a simple plant that adapts well and can survive well in low light environments. 

Moss walls prove low maintenance since they do not need water, fertilizer, or pruning. In addition, these walls provide improved air quality, reduced noise levels, and aesthetic beauty to their location. Though moss is being proclaimed the green plant choice for the modern day environmentally conscious gardener, moss is not a new idea to gardening at all. Having long been used in various forms of horticulture, moss can be seen heavily in Japanese moss and tea gardens.
So, what is moss?

Moss existed as early as the Permian Period (299 to 251 million years ago), and more than 100 species have been identified from fossils of the Paleogene and Neogene periods (65.5 to 2.6 million years ago). Muscites, Protosphagnum, Palaeohypnum, and other fossil mosses are similar in structure to the modern genera.

Moss has been around 350 million years--it is a very simple plant, and also very adaptable. For this reason we have been finding a lot more ways to grow and enjoy the beauty of moss and creating stunning moss walls.

At least 12,000 species of small spore-bearing land plants (division Bryophyta) are found distributed throughout the world except in salt water.

A Moss Wall in one of our Client's Office

Choosing the Right Spot For Your Moss Wall

Areas exposed to the sun throughout the day are not great for your moss wall. That is why a moss wall makes a perfect addition to a waiting area, a conference or just an office.  

This indoor garden does not require natural light, in fact it does not like direct sunlight. Even though Plants by Design will take care of all your office plants maintenance, a moss wall does not need watering, fertilizing or pruning, and can be installed on practically any surface.

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