Dear Member,

I hope this email finds you well, safe and warm! Particularly after this week's snowstorm!

I want to touch base with you on two topics that may be related to some. First of all, on March 19th, in response to the COVID-19 crisis, Governor Murphy issued Executive Order 106, which remains in effect still. This Order establishes an eviction moratorium, which means that no one can be removed from their home as a result of an eviction proceeding, so long as the moratorium is in effect, which is two months after the Governor declares the crisis ended. Coupled with this is a similar moratorium on electric, gas and water service shutoffs at this time.

You can see more information about this moratorium on the New Jersey COVID-19 Information Hub.

Secondly, if you are struggling with paying the rent, you may also be struggling to put food on the table. There is no need for that. For those who may not know, South Brunswick has a food pantry that can help during these difficult times. If you find yourself going hungry, please reach out to the Director, Jeanne Wert.( Please see flyer below for contact info.)

This is a township that cares about it's residents and our hope is that no one ever goes without food! Our residents must feel that way too because so many of you have been incredibly generous with adopting families during the holidays, donating food as well as monetary donations.

I know it may be embarrassing or awkward to ask for help and I'm hoping I can help you reframe how you think about that. How many times have you dropped a coin in someone's cup, or wrote a check to a charity, or gave someone a ride? Think of this as a thank you for some of the good acts you have done for others. At times, we all need someone to lend an hand in order to continue on the road and this is no different. Your name is never shared and remains confidential within the social service/food pantry department. Don't wait until these bills pile up - reach out and look forward to less stress in the new year.
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Friday, December 25 (our offices are closed)
Christmas Day
Merry Christmas to all who celebrate!!