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Everything you can imagine is real ~Picasso

I welcome 2023 with an open heart, and willingness to feel. What a year 2022 has been. Continuing to navigate through the pandemic has been mind bending and illuminating. I never dreamed that I would have to restructure my whole business (in 2020) due to Covid. Just this year...I think if my memory serves me, in-person classes started becoming a thing again. I recall how it felt to have a class full of people in front of me again. Just like tasting a complex wine, there were layers of sensation/flavors. Do you remember being afraid of someone else's breath? Do you remember not being able to hug the ones we loved? This fear took a major toll on our nervous system, and changed the way we related to the outside world. This stress is real, it's embedded in our bodies, and can be managed with the tools I offer in my classes.

I think the words of Picasso ring true for me because imagination is a powerful tool, that can be used to create the lives we desire.

What do you imagine, dear friend, for yourself?

I left the safety of the therapy clinic in 2016 to pursue a career in Yoga, and all things movement, spirituality, and health. I jumped in with both feet, realizing that if I didn't commit whole heartedly, then it would never grow to the level I was imagining. Was I scared? Yes I was. It was risky, because like many of us, I needed to work, to support our family. But the truth is, I HATED wearing khakis (true story), and was forced to wear them everyday, and I couldn't bear to wear them any longer.

I wanted to lead retreats, to offer inspired classes, to teach people the healing power of yoga. I wanted to be in charge of my schedule, to wear whatever the heck I wanted, and to provide healing and support in the way that my heart longed to.

It's scary doing things that we imagine. I know, because I am still doing it. I must be a glutton for punishment, because I keep pushing into my fears. I have been saying for 2 years now that I want to teach a professional CE course for PT's and OT's. Well guess what? I am doing it this year! I am teaching a 6 hour professional CE course in February. It's HUGE for me. Am I scared? YEP. But I am doing it, and facing the demons that tell me I can't. I won't be wearing Khakis to that gig!

I've Been saying for a year or so that I wanted to lead an international retreat, and next year, 2023,I am doing just that with Mona Flynn, who invited me to co-lead in Malaga, Spain. Thanks Mona!

I also said to myself, that I wanted to teach more than yoga, that there were other forms of movement that complement and support the asana and yoga practice. It scared me at first to branch out, and teach weight lifting, yoga with resistance bands, and silly walking. But I am doing it. I think fear is an interesting thing. I have learned to discern and listen to the voice of spirit that urges me to do these things, turn toward my fears so they don't rule me, and trust in my body and mind to deliver. It's all connected!

You can do it too! Maybe you already are.

I hope you know that I continue to be a dedicated student of yoga, strength, spirit, and mindfulness, so that I can bring you, dear student, the highest quality classes and content around. I hope you'll join me for 2023. I offer strength training, yoga, mobility, and mindfulness, in a fun and inclusive atmosphere.

Classes begin January 4.

Register now, and either join me online, or in-person, or both, and I'll see you and support you in all your dreams come true for 2023!

With great love,


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Online Classes

I offer 6 LIVE, online classes a week, that you can attend either in the studio, or at home. If you want to get strong, these classes are for you!

These all take place in the morning.

  • Metabolic Conditioning
  • Weight circuit+Yoga (2X/week)
  • Mindful Movement (Hatha Yoga)
  • Dynamic Flow for Strength
  • 30 minute full body stretch
online schedule

Retreat on Ocean Isle Beach- I have one room left for 3-4 people for my retreat October 19-22, 2023 in OIB. email me for deets.

In-Person classes

I offer 3 in person evening classes a week. We have a dynamic and welcoming community here. 

Monday, Level 1- 5pm-6:15pm (active and progressive strength)

Tuesday Level 2 5:45 pm-7pm 

Thursday, Level 1 De-stress and ease 5pm-6:15pm

Class Descriptions

5-615pm Monday class is great for beginners, and experienced students. We use foundational yoga poses, somatics, and mindfulness to shape the class format. This class is more active than Thurday class. We sometimes us foam rollers, massage balls, and of course the Great Yoga Wall!

545-7pmTuesday is a Level 2 that builds on Level 1. Sometimes the pace is faster, and its helpful for students to know basic pose alignments, so that we can go deeper into the practice. Always unique and dynamic, this class builds stamina and strength, and tender hearts. 

5-615pm Thursday De-stress and Go easy is a level 1 class that takes place primarily on the floor, and has a slower pace. Perfect for beginners, and anyone who wants to bring more ease and manage stress/anxiety. We will delve into breathing practices, foam roller, full body stretching, somatic movement, guided meditation, and yoga wall work.

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