Ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ with Praying Pelican Missions, networking with local churches and connecting mission teams to  life- changing ministry opportunities.
Our Personal Partners in Ministry
We are able to continue serving as your missionaries because of a large group of people that see Kingdom value in reaching the nations with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Allow us to highlight a few of them that Nate had the chance to spend time with last month at a pastor's convention in Indiana!

PRAYER SUPPORTERS: We have a large number of people, groups, and churches that continually lift up our entire family in prayer.  Being a prayer supporter may seem menial to many, but we know that this is the backbone of our ministry.  There are times when we know without a shadow of a doubt that someone is lifting us up before Father God.  We know it, we sense it, and we feel it!  Pictured here is Alice.  She is constantly asking us for specific prayer requests that she can take to her fellow prayer warriors.  We know we are covered in prayer thanks to faithful intercessors like Alice!

FELLOW MISSIONARIES: Accountants understand other accountants, athletes understand other athletes, pastors understand other pastors, and fellow missionaries understand other missionaries.  We are happy to have relationships with other missionaries that are out working to bring in the harvest with us.  We are encouraged monthly when we read other missionary's newsletters, to see their victories, their failures, their frustrations and their fruit.  Last month Nate was able to spend time with Kelly & Kathy Johnson who help transform the church by training local pastors in Africa.  Nothing says encouragement like hearing a missionary speak words to you that you know are backed by experience!

SUPPORTERS:  Knowing we have a base of committed financial givers lets us know that we are believed in and supported by other people with the same vision.  Nate had the opportunity to spend a few days with his parents at a pastor's convention.  Even if you take away the fact that they are Nate's parents, their church has continued to support us in amazing ways, giving financially and seeing firsthand their investment at work by coming on a Praying Pelican Missions short-term trip.  Our supporters continue to stand by us and share our vision of connecting the local church on a global level to their churches.  
From South Florida to the World, 
you're helping to make missions happen!  
Thank you for your prayer and financial support!
Off to Costa Rica & Guatemala
November 1-7
As part of Nate's new role with Praying Pelican Missions, equipping and training are some of his new responsibilities for the international locations.  Many of these started in Costa Rica over the last three years, but now get to become a priority for the ministry.  

After months of preparation, Nate will be helping to lead Costa Rica's Third Annual Pastor's Conference.  We are happy to be able to travel together (with no kids!) to Costa Rica for this weekend of ministry involving the Pastor's Conference and two staff training events.

On Sunday, November 4th, Laura flies home to be with the kids while Nate continues on to Guatemala to do it all again!  

At each of the Pastor's 
Conferences Nate will be preaching on Nehemiah and how the Spirit of God caused Nehemiah to live a life that was "Borderless."  We will continue to minister the love of Jesus to our partner pastors and pray that the Lord would fill them with fresh vision to abandon their borders for the sake of the Gospel!

The afternoon sessions of the Pastor's Conferences are very practical.  Some of the other Costa Rica/Guatemala staff will be sharing about how to utilize short-term mission teams to help share the Gospel in their communities.  We want to take away all of the fear of a large group of North Americans coming into their lives so that the team can thrive and be a blessing to the church and the people in the community.

In the past two years, we have seen God use this conference to not only inspire and encourage these pastors, but also to propel them and their church to new depths in ministry.

Prayer Warriors, please remember the following dates in your prayers:
  • November 1st - Nate & Laura fly to San Jose, Costa Rica then drive to Liberia (our old home-town in Costa Rica).
  • November 2nd - from 9am - 4pm we will have about 100 pastors/leaders gathered for the Pastor's Conference.
  • November 2nd - from 7pm -10pm we will train about 40 staff who will be helping to lead short-term trips in Costa Rica in 2019.
  • November 3rd - from 9am -12pm we will be helping to train our Trip Leaders, the ones who lead the charge in facilitating life-transformation mission trips.
  • November 4th - Laura flies home to Florida while Nate continues on to Guatemala.
  • November 5th - Nate will help launch Guatemala's first annual Pastor's Conference followed by a staff training event that night.
  • November 6th - Nate will be doing some trip set-up for future trips.
  • November 7th - Nate flies back to Florida.

Want to GO on a Mission Trip?
If we were to count how many short-term missionaries have had their lives transformed on a mission trip you would be amazed!  Yet, you should not be.  It is simple.  You step out in faith because God commands us to go.  You remove the normal distractions of life and allow God to have 100% of your attention.  You learn to hear God more clearly and obey what He is speaking to you.  

God then steps in providing miracles, encouraging words, salvation, healing, and much more...all because you said "yes" to going!

I've heard of so many teenagers that I've led on trips say that God called them to the mission field that week while serving (even Nate when he was 18 years old in Mexico) !  I've seen God bring such unity amongst a group of missionaries that they went home to their community and put to use all that God taught them while serving on a mission trip.
The rewards are endless, and the sacrifice is minimal for the One who gave it all for us!  Will you prayerfully consider putting together a team to come serve in one of our many locations?  Click on the links to see the details of what a trip could look like for you, then call Nate directly at (754) 232-4798 or email him at  You can click on the "Request Info" circle below to request more information about a certain location and Nate will reach out to you!

Reagan loves being part of her new Youth Group.
Abbi's "crazy hair" for spirit week at school.
The boys represented Ethiopia for "heritage day" during spirit week.
Nathan, Laura, Darrell (in DE) , Reagan, Abigail,  Malachi,  & Isaiah