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The Book Launch Party was very fun!
I figure we had 100 people or so, in and out. The above photo is near the start. Such a fun mix of folks from my work world, Quaker Meeting, my neighborhood, and my family and friends.
The Collins Duo let me join them for a number: The Great Divide, by Jud Caswell.
My brother John and my sister-in-law Colleen flew in from Ann Arbor, Michigan for the party. Walked into the Hall by complete surprise! My daughter Sara and her partner Jack also attended, and set up the tables and swept the Hall. Thank you!
This photo features my Representative to the Maine State Legislature, Poppy Arford. And other dignitaries Brooks Stoddard, Sue Stoddard, Carol Nelson, Regine Whittlesey, The Author, and David Whittlesey.
Together We Decide Launches Strong
Did you know I had a Launch Team? Well I did! And many other people who helped promote the book. Thank you! Thank you!

He's the report from my publisher, Greenleaf Book Group:

Overall, you have a multi-category, multi-format Amazon bestseller that is an instant #1 new release almost across the board. Very cool, and very strong first week......The book is a #1 new release in probably 7 or 8 categories, and top ten in multiple others.

Together We Decide is the #1 New Release in Small Business, Human Resources and Personnel, Political Leadership, Business and Organizational Learning, among others.

I don't have actual sales data yet, which is frustrating, but it looks like we're off to a great start. Special thanks to those who feel stirred to help promote the messages in this book.

You're invited

Get your copy of Together We Decide and then join me Wednesday
September 28, 2022
1pm Maine time. Zoom

All welcome.

Let's talk about it.
Apology for all the promotion around Together We Decide
My Newsletter normally contains articles about other things and links to other resources; such as books that others have written. Thank you for indulging around this time that I am the one to have written a book.
Written and published by Craig Freshley. Thanks for walking along with me.
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