Continuing support for families who have adopted | WINTER 2024
Letter Boxes Create a Touchpoint for Feelings
Sometimes children - even those who have never met their biological family members - miss them. When this happens, kids can experience grief or other feelings for not being able to communicate with their bio-family.

Creation of a letter box could be a great way to bridge this gap. Label a small packing or shoe box and place it in an accessible area. Children can then put small notes, letters, or drawings to their biological family in it whenever they feel the need. Even though the letters are not sent, the act of writing down feelings could be a great way to help them address any grief or loss.

Children who may not have the words or know how to express their feelings can also use letter boxes to communicate their emotions and questions to their adoptive parents. With the child’s permission, parents could read the messages and respond accordingly. This could be a great way to open communication with a shy child. 
It's Never Too Early (or Late)
to Talk About Adoption
Talking to you child about adoption is important. Studies show even at a young age, adopted children may be seeking information about who they are. It is never too early or too late to talk about adoption, however this conversation can be intimidating for parents. This article from the Adoption Network website outlines tips on how to facilitate this conversation with children at every age. MAC caseworkers are here to help parents navigate these sometimes difficult conversations.
Parent's Night Out
(Activities to be determined)
Parents Night Out is designed to give parents a break for a couple of hours while the FamilyCore MAC team cares for the their children. Parents get a break and kids get to have fun! Due to camps, there will not be a parents night out in January and March.
  • February 2: Ages 11 - 17
  • February 16: Ages 7 -10
Spring Break Camp
Let FamilyCore engage your students ages 7-17 during spring break, March 25-28 and April 1-5. Activities to be determined.
For more information on the day respite program, camps, or Parent’s Night Out,
please contact Joanna Kenser at
Fall & Winter Camp Reviews
Fall Camp has come and gone and the kids had a wonderful time! At camp we went to an apple orchard, spent time at the zoo, went fishing, and learned about Abraham Lincoln in Springfield. The kids learned a lot and created amazing friendships.

Winter Camp was also a success. The kids went ice skating and spent time at the Art Guild learning about Claude Monet. We are planning another successful camp this Spring!
Trust-Based Relational Intervention:
Children of all Ages and Risk Levels Can Benefit
Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI®) is an attachment-based, trauma-informed intervention that is designed to meet the complex needs of vulnerable children. TBRI® uses Empowering Principles to address physical needs, Connecting Principles for attachment needs, and Correcting Principles to disarm fear-based behaviors.

While the intervention is based on years of attachment, sensory processing, and neuroscience research, the heartbeat of TBRI® is connection. This short video explains the program and how you can implement some basic strategies into your home. For more information, please reach out to either Joanna Kenser or Cameryn Goumas at FamilyCore. 
It's OK to Need Help! Take Advantage of these Great Resources:
Suicide and Crisis Hotline: 988
Veterans Crisis Line: 1-800-273-2855 (Talk), Option 1
Trevor Project (LGBTQ Youth): 866-488-7386; Text Start to 678678
Crisis Number: Trans-Life Line: 1-877-565-8860
Crisis Text Line: Text Hello to 741741
Unity Point Health and Peoria County Emergency Response Service: 309-671-8084
Peoria Park District Upcoming Events:
Maintaining Adoption Connections (MAC) is a program designed to give continuing support to families who have children in their home through adoption or subsidized guardianship. The program offers camps, respite care, counseling, anger management, resource assistance and more!

For details on MAC services please contact Joanna Kenser, MSW, at 309-676-2400, Ext. 269, or [email protected] or Cameryn Goumas, MS, at 309-676-2400, Ext. 258, or [email protected].