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Volunteers are our strength
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VT Seva supports many service activities in various parts of US, India, Africa, Japan, Haiti, Australia and UK.

It is all possible just because of your support.

Corporate Matching
Many corporations in the US have a Matching donation program. They normally match the donation made by their employees, some times upto 100% and even for volunteer hours. Please check with your HR dept. If you would like to register VT Seva with your company's matching donation program, please contact us and we will provide you with the necessary information.

For the list of companies with whom VT Seva is already registered and have previously matched contributions to VT Seva, Read on...


Corporate Grants

Corporate grants play a vital part in broadening our services and making our positive impact stronger.

In 2013, VT Seva utilized a grant of $100,000 from Chase and successfully implemented Care on Wheels project. Click here for a video snippet. VT Seva received a grant of $10,000 from LinkedIn to implement a common educational curriculum for blind students that is available on laptops and mobile. VT Seva also received a grant of $5,000 from United Ecoskies to raise environmental awareness.

We appreciate the initiatives of VT Seva volunteers Mr. Sampath Chapyala (Chase), Mr. Rajesh Bindu (LinkedIn) and Ms. Radhika Sanamvenkata, Mr. Shashi Sanamvenkata, Ms. Aruna Gorantla and team (United Ecoskies) and encourage each one of you to explore the opportunities in 2014.


US President Volunteer Service Award

VT Seva is a certified organization for US President Volunteer Service Award program.
Volunteers are our strength
In volunteer's own words

Som Gollakota - "I so wish we had a few more boxes, and we could've done it for a few more hours. With so many good and kindhearted people around, raising 2000 lbs, or even 5,000 lbs would be just a matter of we giving our time to collect what these good people give. Loved spending time with you guys... Loved being a part of what you do. Brought unseen tears to my eyes, and an unnoticed smile to my soul. Thank you."

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Letter from CEO


There are a kind of green chillies which are very small in size by their nature, but very spicy. They are called as "Seema Mirapakaya" in Telugu. Small & Short they are, but very powerful. So also is the Dallas Team. Small and Short they may be, they are the sweetest of all. We had a very good time in Dallas for the 5th anniversary of TARANGINI. VT Seva Dallas team showcased all the service activities not only in an exemplary manner at the event but also provided opportunity and guidance to the children and youth to volunteer for the causes. The very purpose of VT Seva and all the activities we do is to uncover hidden talent in youth and dormant generosity in the hearts of people. Our VT Seva Dallas was able to identify and engage such people with low profile, but high values. That is why TARANGINI became an inspiring event for the last 5 years in not only showcasing the activities, but also by exceeding the targets by leaps and bounds.




As all of us know well, Education, Health Care and Environmental protection are main service pillars of the organization. One of these pillars is taken as a goal to conduct events like this on an annual basis. This year, VT Seva Dallas took the goal of supporting the complete education of visually challenged children studying at Netra Vidyalaya school and colleges through TARANGINI. The team reached out to one and all in the community to seek support and on the day of event, showcased service activities in an effective manner. Because of commitment and embracing nature of the core team, all the participants and attendees have been realizing the importance and showing the support on a consistent basis.


Just before our trip to US, a mega health camp was conducted in Hyderabad for three days, commemorating the first anniversary of Jeeyar Integrative Medical Services (JIMS) Hospital. It was a comprehensive camp with Homeopathic, Allopathic and Ayurvedic choices for the patients based on their ailments. More than 15,500 people participated and availed the free services. A day was totally dedicated to care for 5,500 children studying at various Government schools from villages around JIMS Hospital. JIMS partnered with a few corporate hospitals for this health camp. Very encouraging part is  that they responded in our goal to serve the needy people by identifying health issues and providing medical assistance along with preventive care. During theses 3 days, as many as 50,000 people accompanying patients were provided food for free. As many as 350 doctors along with 400 paramedical staff took part in the camp. The health checkups were done in a very systematic order. All cases were recorded, analyzed and computerized for follow up to make sure patients are provided good healthcare. The doctors will take care of these patients in hospital and special attention will be provided to them. The results were amazing. Almost 70 cases were registered for heart surgery and also as many as 80 cases were recorded for Cancer. Yashoda Hospitals partnered with us at mega camp and generously came forward to treat heart and Cancer cases for free. Maxivision provided services for eye checkups and eye care. Dr. Parthasaradhi Reddy's Dental hospital provided dental checkups and services for free. Our JIMS Hospital is in the process of coordinating with all these hospitals and segregating cases to them for appropriate care.


The most encouraging part is as many as 8,000 people expressed interest to go through homeopathic treatments at JIMS. Now the process is going on at JIMS to inform people based on the addresses we gathered during the health camp and they are being channelized to the appropriate doctors. We believe that the follow up action is as important as the initial health camp. Not only the patients, but also the doctors said that this camp is first of its kind in all respects. Many expressed that this is the model of its kind to be followed. This added fragrance to our VT Seva activities. These two activities in Hyderabad and Dallas are giving a great hope to us. We also visited Florida during our US trip; the arrangements are going well. Though people around us may appear private and reserved, they are very much interested in taking part in service activities; if done properly. It is up to us to involve them wholeheartedly. The TARANGINI event in Dallas is a role model in involving one and all.  The convention in May is a grand event, where we will experience the magnanimity of various activities conducted under the umbrella of our organizations, right from us coming into the service hood of 'Jeeyar'. We love to recollect the various service activities done by our friends and supporters in the 34 years of us becoming 'Jeeyar' and 20 years of our arrival in US.


Most of us talk about corruption, lawlessness, possessiveness and unethical practices that we observe in the society. People sometimes become depressed worrying about these. On the contrary, this is only a small part of the world. We really need to appreciate how great the world is by realizing the goodness around us and results produced by generous people and committed volunteers. The services and time spent by volunteers to care for others must be seen by us. It will make us optimistic than being pessimistic. The world is great to live and we have tremendous hope and belief that things are good and they will be better. Life is a mix of light & darkness and sorrow & joy. The truth is that there is more joy and less sorrow. Unfortunately, man forgets about joy but only remembers sorrow. We should have hope and live with joy. The fact is unless we experience spice, we can't really appreciate sweetness. As some unknown poet wrote -




I live out in Brighton close to BC

And I'm just as healthy as I can be.

I have arthritis in both my knees

And when I must speak, then I talk with a wheeze.

My pulse is weak and my blood is quite thin

I need arch supporters to strengthen my feet,

But I'm awfully well for the shape that I'm in.

My ankles are swollen; I'm white as a sheet,

I toss in my bed without sleep every night,

No wonder each morning I look like a sight.

My memory is failing, my head's in a spin,

But I'm awfully well for the shape that I'm in.

Diverticulitis is a word hard to spell

But it's a disease from which I'll never get well.

Ulcers that keep me on a diet with Maalox

Prevent me from resting in a funeral box.

The length of sermons brings yawns or a grin,

But I'm awfully well for the shape that I'm in.

The moral is, friends, as this tale is unfold,

That for you and for me who are fast growing old

It's better to say, "I'm fine" with a grin

Than to let people know of the shape that we're in.


The grace in thinking positively and living happily gives us great hope for a brighter future. Kudos to all the volunteers for making the TARANGINI a grand success! It was very well led by the Dallas team.



'TARANGINI' - One Kind Act Can Cause A Ripple Effect!


Thanks to so many kind hearts, VT Seva event in Dallas, 5th anniversary of TARANGINI is a significant achievement for all of us. It was celebrated on Feb 22nd 2014 in the presence of team members from all over US and with audience of more than 1000. 



The Dallas community responded generously in support of the wonderful cause and hundreds of youngsters volunteered their time and skills to make it a memorable one. The entire journey and culmination felt like a family event (with all of our national team of leaders and volunteers) with good memories. Our big thank you and congratulations to all of team's hardworking efforts and invaluable support as we exceeded in achieving the set goal of supporting more than 200 visually challenged students. We together could raise more than $200,000. Click for pictures and more details.



The inspirational message from the visionary leader, the CEO and founder of VT Seva, HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji as the keynote speaker at the event has motivated an immense number of audience. He explained the meaning of 'Service with no boundaries' and oneness which connects all of us in the world. The speech was an epitome of VT Seva i.e. "Volunteering Together for Service."

'Bloom' - Benefits Cancer Screenings


VT Seva Boston presents 'Bloom' on April 5th 2014 showcase of performing arts, bringing together East and West. For more details, click here.


'Ra:ga' - For a Future with Better Vision


VT Seva Bay Area presents Ra:ga on April 6th 2014 featuring Bharatha Natyam, Bhangra, Ballet and more. For more details, click here.


First Anniversary of JIMS Hospital - Mega Health Camp


First of its kind mega health camp was organized in Hyderabad from Feb 14th to Feb 16th on the occasion of first anniversary of Jeeyar Integrative Medical Services (JIMS).


Click for pictures and details.
Caring for Abandoned Children in Africa


Tanzania Prime Minister Mr. Mizengo Pinda and his spouse Ms. Tunu Rehani Pinda met VT Seva CEO HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji and accorded welcome to him.

On Dec 3rd, 2013, he visited 'ForeverAngels BabyHome' in Tanzania (Bwiru, Mwanza, Tanzania) and extended support ($5,000) in addressing and alleviating social and economic disadvantage to impoverished and HIV positive families and orphaned or abandoned children. Tanzania Prime Minister Mr. Mizengo Pinda and his spouse Ms. Tunu Rehani Pinda met our CEO and accorded welcome to him.


Ms. Amy Hathaway, Manager and Founder of Forever Angels extended welcome to HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji and gave a tour of Baby Home. She explained the details of the mission and projects. She thanked him for the contribution to the baby home.

Together We Care


In India, annually around 200,000 people require
organ transplants. Shockingly, not even 0.5% is available. 

According to statistics, as many as 603 deaths are registered in India every hour. If their relatives had sufficient awareness and agreed to donate at least one organ of the deceased, it would be of great help.


Thousand of youngsters are taking part in a walk-a-thon to raise awareness on Multi-organ Donation on the occasion of bidding farewell to this year and extending a warm welcome to New year!

Man, even after death, has the power to give life to at least 10 others, just by the approval of his relatives. Organ Donation is the generous way to pass on one's love for humanity. It is a clear way to extend the life of our beloved, but, departed soul. Be compassionate and Respond!

For last year's report, Read on...
Champion of Courage


On December 13th and 14th 2013, in the state level cricket competitions held by 'Vikalangula Kalyana Vedica' at Hyderabad, students of Netra Vidyalaya supported by VT Seva won the championship trophy. Mr. Ram Prasad (8th grade/class student) and Mr. Bhaskar (Braille Teacher and also alumni student of Netra Vidyalaya) played very well. For his excellent performance and being instrumental in the team's championship victory, Ram Prasad won "The Best Player" award. In recognition of his talent and results, he also got selected to play for All India South Zone Cricket team.


VT Seva continues to produce GEMS out of Netra Vidyalaya students in both academic and extracurricular fields because of YOUR support! These life skills will go a long way in establishing a bright future for the visually challenged.


Phailin Disaster Relief


As a Phailin cyclone disaster relief work in villages of Odisha state, VT Seva India donated Lanterns (kerosine Lamps) to 600 families at Ganga Vihar, Kotha Buxipalli village near Gopalpur who were impacted on October 12th.


VTS Hyderabad and Odisha team of Sri Thiruvengalacharyulu swamy, Archaka swamy, Sri Muralikrishna acharyulu and the Surpanch of the village Sri Padmanabha Rao did field work, identified the challenges and responded with supplies. On November 19th, they visited the villages and distributed lanterns to each and every house individually to the Phailin Victims, who were without power for two months after the disaster. 
Holiday Giving - Brought unseen tears to my eyes, and an unnoticed smile to my soul


VT Seva organized its annual holiday food drive in various cities throughout US.


Many kindhearted people supported the cause and our volunteers thoroughly enjoyed the joy of giving and spirit of volunteering.
Kind hearts respond to support liver transplant surgery of a 6 year old


It gives us immense pleasure to let you all know that we all have successfully raised the funds required to help Srisanth go for his surgery. A lot of people from different parts of the world have come together and supported this campaign. The doctors at Global hospital are working on the final date for surgery. We will keep you posted on his health condition.


Thank you again for your generous support, we truly appreciate your kind heart and generosity.
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We strive our best to share the latest news and activities of VT Seva around the world in the Newsletters.

We request your feedback on how we can improve and look forward to hear from you.



Krishna Kanth (Secretary) - 972-935-8955
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