The Redding Visitors Bureau has had a lot of fun working with the Redding City Identity Project. The hoteliers’ Board of Directors contributed $150,000 to that project and the RCVB team helped choose the 20 projects to be completed by the end of 2020. The projects they have had a hand in helping with are: painting part of the mural on Electric Alley downtown, writing and distributing itineraries by locals, working with local influencers to share those itineraries, and of course – the most recent project to hit the news – the Garden of Lights. Being able to work with local organizations to create infrastructure that will help all of us enjoy where we live has been very heartwarming for the team. You may wonder why we would put so much effort into beautifying Redding when we have not solved issues that might be more pressing such as homelessness. The RCVB Board of Directors helped in that realm by providing funding for a police position, a fire position and a new SWAT vehicle for the city.