August 30, 2018
Dear Middle School Families,
It was a pleasure seeing all of you at Parents Night on Tuesday. Thank you for coming! Hopefully you walked away with a strong sense of the care and thoughtfulness our faculty carry out daily in their work with your children. I am confident, as the year progresses, that this fact will be demonstrated time and again.
Yesterday marked the completion of our first six-day cycle of the school year. For some in our middle school community (students and faculty), the routines of the day can become more familiar. For others, their comfort level can fluctuate with each day. After 17 years of working in middle schools, I believe it takes at least a month before we collectively settle into somewhat of a daily rhythm. We will always encourage your children to communicate concerns or questions as they arise and will continue to reinforce consistent routines that provide them the opportunity to maximize their organizational skills and proactively focus on their various responsibilities.
In our first faculty meeting, and again at our opening middle school assembly, I focused on the theme of growth. As teachers, we embrace professional growth daily as interactions with our students inform our teaching practice and encourage us to strive to improve each day. I asked students to think about who they are and what they want to accomplish as they are growing in many different ways. Our students should view any difficulties they are experiencing, personally or in the classroom, as part of that growth process. I know it is not always easy for our kids to see a silver lining while experiencing life at this age. However, we will encourage them to view their development as people and learners in a positive way and to know they are not yet who they will ultimately become.
I look forward to an awesome year. Thank you always for your time and partnership!
Here are a few important reminders:
  • Please contact Nicola Jackson in the middle school office when your child will be absent or late arriving to school.
  • Please use the carpool lane when dropping students off in the morning, unless you are attending a meeting on campus at the time of dropoff or pickup. Students should exit from the passenger side of the car. For your children's safety, please do not drop off in the bus circle.
  • Unless you are scheduled to attend a meeting during dropoff or pickup times, please do not drop your child off from the parking lots.
  • If your child is not picked up by 3:30 p.m., they should report to Middle School CASE, our after-school program. Unlike Lower School CASE, all you need to do when you arrive is call 614-509-2298, and then your child will be sent out to you.
  • SPIRIT DAY IS TOMORROW! Students may wear maroon, gray or any clothes with Academy logos. Sleeveless tops, tank-tops/spaghetti-strap shirts, yoga pants and leggings are not permitted. GO VIKES!
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Nicola Jackson in the middle school office by email or phone. Her contact information is 614-509-2264 and 
Warm regards,  
Shaka Arnold                                             
Head of Middle School
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