Dear Fellow Riversiders,
Grace and peace to you from the Session at Riverside Presbyterian. This year Holy Week falls during a time of anxiety, uncertainty and concern, the likes of which few of us have ever experienced. We mourn the pain of Jesus's crucifixion and death and celebrate with joy his resurrection. Similarly, we mourn the loss of security and well-being in our world but anticipate with hope a future beyond the virus.
We wish to update you on a number of matters at Riverside. We believe it is appropriate to be transparent and open about the decisions we are making. First- our finances. Giving to the church the first quarter of 2020 was right in line with our budget projections. We are grateful for your generosity and your payment of pledges and offerings during this period. We finished the first quarter right on target.
Secondly - thanks to the hard work of a small group of staff, elders and trustees, Riverside has filed or will be filing, an application for a CARES grant through the SBA which can help pay staff salaries and utility bills for a period of about 2 1/2 months. We have not been approved or received any funds, but the application and supporting documents are prepared and will/have been filed and we are hopeful for relief through this grant.
Next- a few words about our staff. The Session is committed to retaining 100% of our staff at their normal pay level for as long as we possibly can. If the CARES grant is approved, this should be a help. In the meantime, our staff continues to serve the congregation in new and innovative ways, adapting to the almost daily changes and challenges our world presents. The Session is grateful for their commitment and love, and we hope to continue without the need for any changes.
Finally - a few words about you, the congregation. We are mindful that there are many among us whose employment may be uncertain, curtailed or terminated. For many others, retirement and investment savings are severely reduced. We are all facing financial uncertainty. We are deeply sensitive to your situations. Many among us may no longer be in a position to continue to give or pay our pledges at this time. We understand that and do not expect you to give what you do not have. 
However, if you are in a position to continue to pay your pledge, consider this a plea to do just that. If we do receive the CARES grant funds that will help us cover some of the deficit we anticipate from reduced giving. But it will not make us whole. So, if you are able, please continue to make payments on your pledges.
We believe that we will rise again from the fear and dread brought on by this pandemic. We believe that we will experience Easter joy in a resumption of our communal life at Riverside. We thank you for your prayers, love and support. He is Risen! Hallelujah!
The Session of Riverside Presbyterian