A Letter From SAC (School Advisory Commission)
To the Parents of Presentation Students,

We would like to take a few moments of your time to explain our perspective and reaction to Mrs. Giel’s departure, and our confidence in the stability of Presentation school as we move forward in this transition. 

First, we would like to extend our sincere appreciation to Mrs. Giel for her tireless work on behalf of Presentation school for the past three years as our principal. It is never easy to say goodbye, but we wish her well. Like many of you we were surprised, and at first worried, when we heard the news. We wanted reassurance that our school is OK and that Mrs. Giel’s departure was not signaling some unknown trouble. 

We want to share with you that we are reassured and are energized by the exciting developments ahead for Presentation school.  First, Presentation has hired a first grade teacher (position available because of Mrs. Underwood’s retirement) and a Spanish teacher (position available because Sr. Cruz chose a stay at home parent role for their young child). After reviewing their credentials, we are thrilled to welcome them to the Presentation family.  Announcement to follow shortly with their names and professional history.

Second, with a new principal at the helm, bringing a fresh perspective, different toolset, and energized outlook, SAC will do everything we can to position this principal for success. SAC is drafting a document that lists the strengths of our staff/curriculum, traditions of the school, and the characteristics of our students that our teachers help form. In the document, we will also include the areas for improvement and opportunities for change that we hope will become a priority for our new leader. In addition, SAC has been invited to participate in the selection process.  

Third, as noted in Father Charlie’s letter ( https://www.presentationofmary.org/news/important-school-news/ ) to parents and parishioners, this new principal will have the resources and expertise of the Healey Educational Foundation ( https://healeyedfoundation.org/ ) to support the exemplary work to which Presentation is committed. Please feel free to do some research on the above website, but do not feel overwhelmed. In brief, the Healey Educational Foundation has the capability to bring improvements in Presentation’s marketing and communication plan, student retention, student recruitment, and fundraising development. Please bring your questions to the 7:00 PM August 13 th session in Kenney Hall where a representative from the Foundation will give a presentation.

Lastly, whether your oldest child is a new kindergartener, your youngest child is an eighth grader, or your child lands somewhere in between those age ranges, we would like to close with our (SAC’s) collective reason for choosing Presentation. 

·        The teachers at Presentation are dedicated, passionate, highly skilled, and caring professionals. They do everything they can to instill a passion for reading, an enthusiasm for learning, and a curiosity for the world around them.
·        Presentation of Mary School’s mission is grounded in a culture dedicated to academic excellence, sound Catholic tradition, and the belief that we must teach to the whole child.
·        Presentation is more than a school; it is a community that encircles our children with faith, hope and love that they can carry with them wherever their lives lead. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to any SAC member, Fr. Charlie, or Presentation staff member.  Below is the contact information for all of the SAC members. Also, watch for more information about SAC-sponsored back-to-school welcoming events. 

Tracy Aguirre/Vice Chair        Tracy.Aguirre@securian.com
Robert Boros/Chair                 robbboros@yahoo.com
Jody Boyd                               jodyt529@gmail.com
Bruce Howell                           msp1bah@gmail.com
Denise Legato                         dflegato@msn.com
Angie Wessel/Secretary          agroess@aol.com