It seems strange to be thinking about September when each of us is so deeply engaged in responding to COVID-19. At Tilton, we’ve launched a virtual learning program while our students are away from campus, and it’s going very well. Tilton’s teachers are dedicated and agile, and they possess outstanding technical skills—it’s clear that our school will be particularly strong in delivering its lessons virtually.
As you prepare for re-enrollment at Tilton, you might be wondering what the world will look like in September. At present, we look forward to returning to a normal schedule for the opening of school, but rest assured that if health, travel restrictions, or other factors limit any student’s ability to attend, we will be ready with virtual learning systems that embrace and include ALL Tilton students—no matter where they may be. Our virtual learning program is already robust, and we continue to make improvements.
Some families have expressed uncertainty about future travel to and from school, and we’re eager to provide support. We provided accommodations for approximately 35 students in the past few weeks, and next year we plan to continue this support, offering international students the opportunity to remain on campus during vacation periods, as needed.
The reasons for attending Tilton remain unchanged: Our engaging teachers and innovative curriculum deliver results whether they are on campus or online. Advisors and college counselors offer personalized attention whether in person or on-screen. Tilton’s commitment to preparing students for college is unwavering—even as our methods remain responsive to the current and changing needs of our students and their families.

Together, we share a foundational belief that the international nature of our community is an essential and defining element of the Tilton experience, and we will continue to work side by side to ensure that every student is supported, known as an individual, and cared for as one of our own.
We offer our best wishes to you and your loved ones during these challenging times. As always, if we can help in any way, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Best wishes,

Peter Saliba                                  David Thiel
Head of School                               Head of School Elect (Effective July 1, view bio )