Sharing Our Lives

“All things come from you, dear Lord, and of your own have we given you.” 
1 Chronicles 29:14
Dear People of St. David’s,

I pray that you are well and give thanks to God for all that you are accomplishing in your lives – for the love you are sharing with others, the generosity that marks your life with people you know and with people you may never meet this side of heaven, and for the good use of all the good gifts God has given you. This life is an amazing gift from God. When we take hold of the gift of our lives, as so many of us try to do, the abundance, grace, and promise we experience can be beyond our imagination.

I’ve been thinking a lot these past couple of weeks about our lives as the gifts they are and the riches that we experience when we use our gifts by sharing our lives. Part of the thinking is related to the St. David’s Fair we just completed. It was a great Fair by all accounts. We had good leadership. We worked hard and smart throughout the past year. We were gracious with the thousands of people who joined in on Saturday, who now know St. David’s for the wonderful community we are. We raised a lot of money and will be able to make such a big difference in conjunction with our local outreach partners as a result.

However, it’s more than the Fair as we know. When we step back and look at our community as whole, we admire many of us our sharing the gifts of our lives in great and small ways. I’ve started leading the children’s chapel at our school this month; having the opportunity to see the promise in those young faces and consider all that has gone into opening and sustaining the school. We are sharing our lives. The after-school program on Tuesdays and Thursdays is changing the lives of the children in our community. It is giving them a head start they wouldn’t have had before. We are sharing our lives. Family Ministry is laying a strong foundation for our children and youth to grow in a life with God. We are sharing our lives in ways that will help them connect with God throughout their lives. Centering prayer and the spiritual direction groups are bathing the community in prayer and drawing persons closer to God as they share their lives. And Sunday worship, with all the moving parts and ministries that go into each service, is opening many, many hearts to the grace and love and presence of God every week because we are sharing our lives.

We are a community who recognizes that all the gifts of our lives are gifts that have been given for us to share with others. Our lives and our gifts are given to us to share in small and great ways. Our sharing is made profound and multiplied by the power of God at work in those gifts.

This week I invite you to look at your life as the gift it is. Look at the many ways you have been blessed by God. Give thanks and then look for ways to continue sharing your life and the gifts you have been given for your own enjoyment and for the good of others. All that we are and all that we have are gifts from the God who shares His life and calls us to a Christian life of using and sharing our gifts daily. Perhaps the most beautiful gift of sharing our lives with God and others is that God is always able and ready to give us more and more.

Grace to you and Peace,
Exciting Events at St. David's This Week
St. David's will be hosting many events this week. We would love for you to stop by for any of the following:

Faith with a Twist Book Launch Party
Thursday, October 11th | 5:00-7:00pm | Main Lobby
Saturday, October 13th | 11:00-1:00pm | Main Lobby
After the authors, Amy Dolan & Hilary Raining read from a section of their book, they will lead a yoga class tailored to the group. After, enjoy a healthy snack and wander through The Gift Shop!

Men's Fellowship Breakfast
Saturday, October 13th | 8:00-9:30am | Undercroft
Featuring Warren Kampf as he speaks on "The Role of Ethics and Faith in Decision Making in Political Settings."  

New Sunday Education Series
Sunday, October 14th | 10:30-11:15am
Who Is This Jesus: Jesus of Nazareth by the Rev. Bill Wood | St. David's Hall
The Christian Home: Best Qualities & Practices by Karen Moon | Harrison Room

Regular Worship Hours
8:00am | Holy Eucharist Rite I | Church
9:15am | Holy Eucharist Rite II | Chapel
11:15am & 5:00pm | Holy Eucharist Rite II | Church