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Weekly Invoices only
We are only creating weekly invoices during this time. We will not be creating monthly or quarterly statements until we reopen as usual.  You are welcome to pay a larger amount and run off a credit if you wish, and we will let you know when your credit is running low.

  We must express the importance for all past due balances to be paid. If you have a past due balance, your invoice was sent to you a couple of times and some have received a separate email, please make arrangements to pay that in full this week.  We need to clear all of these balances to help us during this time.  if you are not able to pay in full please reach out to Nicole or Sonja and set up a payment plan, we must set up a weekly plan to pay these balances off.
At this time you should have all heard from your child's teachers.  If you have not you will be soon.  They have all been working on ways to stay connected and help families and children during this time.  If you have any thoughts, input or suggestions please do not hesitate to reach out the the teachers and share your ideas. We are all in this together, learning as we go.  It's so important for us to keep our connections with families and children, as well as the staff, and to research educational opportunities and suggestions that we can help with while you are at home with your children.  We are open to any suggestions anyone has to help make this as smooth and productive and enjoyable as possible for your children.  If you come across something you think is beneficial to share with any or all age groups, do not hesitate to share those with us.
Tuition Reminders
You have all received an invoice for the this week, April 6th.  This invoice is 50% of your regular weekly amount, and the state is paying the remaining 50%.  This includes school aged children. If you are unable to pay your 50% you should have already emailed nicole@appletreelc.com right to let us know why you are unable to pay at this time and request to un-enroll and be added to a wait list that we will look too when we can reopen.  The state will reimburse Apple Tree 100% for anyone who un-enrolls during this time, however we do need evidence of this in writing, and technically you are not enrolled in our program until further notice.  We have to submit all of this documentation to the state, therefore we must have you send it in writing in order for you to qualify for that funding.  For anyone that un-enrolls, you will be added to the top of the wait-list.  We will reach out to you when we are able to reopen and you will be given priority to enroll at that time.  If we have not heard from you, we have to continue to charge the 50%, and tuition will be due.  Invoices will be sent weekly on Mondays moving forward. Any advanced payments you can make are greatly appreciated and credits will be applied to your account.

It is encouraged that you pay if you are able too, any amount that you pay is helpful to our program, this business and the state as a whole. If you can pay the full amount, that is very much appreciated.  If you are able to pay please mail your payments to Apple Tree Learning Centers 1056 Mountain Road Suite 16 Stowe VT 05672.  Please make sure your payments are on time.  You can also call Nicole or Sonja with a Credit card or pay through pay pal. The pay pal link is available on our website.  

If you are an essential family and your child is currently attending, you are billed your regular tuition.  School age children that attend our essential program are not charged to attend per the  Child Development Division. 

Please keep in mind we are paying our teachers during this time, on top of ensuring all of Apple Tree Learning Centers monthly responsibilities are paid on time, we are relying on tuition to be paid so we can keep this business running during this time, and be able to reopen our doors when this is over.  Payments must be made on time to ensure we are able to maintain operation .  The state payments are only twice per month and are two weeks behind, so we are always fronting these payments. Given that we did not charge families for 2 weeks, and had a full payroll in one of those weeks along with all of our other financial obligations, we are severely behind in income at this time and are counting on your payments.

Letter from the State