Hello friends and fellow golfers!   I am beyond excited and more than ready for an awesome year of fun and friendly golfing events on beautiful courses at great rates while, most importantly, getting to meet new friends!   Like most of you, golf has opened so many doors and brought  so many new great friends into my life. I can’t wait to meet more new friends that stand at those open doors as well as grow deeper relationships with those I already know throughout the 2019 WSCGA season.

Thank you to Leah Bohnen, your past President, for her leadership over the past two years.  Her passion for the game, for the members, and for the WSCGA led us into new territory while growing the base already in place.   I can only hope to continue that trend while not getting in the way of our Executive Director, Clarissa Childs, as we, with our amazing board, look to continue to provide wonderful golfing experiences on amazing golf courses all around the state.

Your board will be meeting the weekend of February 8 th in the form of a retreat to open up new ideas, seek to improve existing offerings, as well as objectively consider things we may need to discontinue.    One of our board members has graciously offered us her mountain home to work out of and all incidental costs, including travel, food and drink, are being shared amongst those attending. We are excited about what this opportunity together might bring as we get to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses and how to apply that knowledge to better our offerings and our association as a whole to you, our members.  As a board, we are constantly looking for ways to insure that we keep the golf offerings affordable to our members by continuing to look at tournament fees, payouts, and incidental expenses while insuring the quality of the golfing experience and venue locations we use. If you have any suggestions, thoughts or concerns, please feel free to pass them on to any of our board members, Clarissa, or myself.  Your board members are invested in serving you, the members, as best they can.   I could not be more proud to be a part of this team!

Please make sure you mark your calendars NOW for the events you want to participate in.   We don’t want any of our one day’s, Championships, or other events to creep up on you.   There are a lot of great courses and opportunities for all levels and ages of golfers on your WSCGA calendar.   Everything from best ball team one day events and multiple day championships to wine and nine offerings, you are sure to find quite a few events that suit your game and your pocketbook.   New offerings like the Palmetto – Peach Women’s Showdown and WSCGA Member/Guest tournament will be exciting to see how they playout in not only this year but in the years to come.  Our thanks goes out to Jaynelle Moore, our One Day Tournament Coordinator, as well as Clarissa for the time and energy spent in scheduling and conducting these events for us.

Last but not least, I am extremely honored and humbled to have the opportunity to serve as your President for the next two years.   Working together with you, the members, the board, our executive director and one day tournament coordinator, I say it again…2019 is going to be an exciting and amazing year!  Don’t hold back…get involved and come join the fun!