We enjoyed meeting with an engaging group of Houston-area UA and Arizona Law alumni during the Texas Bar Convention last week. 

Now, on to Phoenix! If you are attending the State of Arizona Bar Convention (or even if you aren't!), we hope to see you tomorrow evening, Thursday, June 28 from 6:30-8 p.m., at our reception in the Quail Room of the Sheraton Grand at Wildhorse Pass (register here). 

And, throughout the convention, you can find us at the Arizona Law table to learn about what is happening at the college and enjoy a cup of (good!) coffee each morning from the Arizona Law coffee cart!

Our Director of Development Megan O'Leary will be attending the full convention and is looking forward to meeting any and all alumni and friends of the college. If you'd like to connect, email her at moleary@email.arizona.edu. (I am on a plane to Hawaii with my family as I type, so unfortunately I won't see you in person at the bar convention.)

Joining me in Houston were (l-r): Nick Pierson (UA Foundation Associate Director of Development and '05 UA Eller alum), Glenn Baird ('75 UA alum), Catherine Hounfodji ('09), Mike Lamson ('77), Megan O'Leary (Arizona Law Director of Development and '02 UA alum), Steve Austin ('86 UA alum), and Judge Robert K. Schaffer ('74 UA alum).
In this issue we profile 2009 alumnus Andrew Pappas and celebrate our alumni with 50 years of membership in the Arizona Bar.

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Spotlight on Phoenix Alumnus Andrew Pappas ('09)

Andrew Pappas ('09) is a near-native Arizonan (since age 3) with close ties to the state that he now serves, along with a wide range of experiences living and working elsewhere. 

Andrew  grew up in Tucson and graduated from Catalina Foothills High School in 2000. He then attended Occidental College in Los Angeles, enrolling in Arizona Law right after graduation in 2004. But, he says, 

"I had a change of heart that summer and -- in large part thanks to (former Assistant Dean of Admissions) Terry Holpert's kindness and patience -- ended up deferring my admission for two years to work at the American Enterprise Institute, a public policy think tank in Washington, D.C. Dean Holpert told me I could return to Tucson once I'd fixed the mess in D.C., but I returned a bit sooner, entering Arizona Law in August 2006." 

At that point, he was eager to begin law school and to return to Tucson after six years away.

Andrew cherishes great memories of his three years at Arizona Law, especially, he says, memories of many superb professors here. 

"If I had to choose one standout memory, it would be the very beginning of my civil procedure class with Professor  Brent White in the fall of 2006. Professor White, who was also starting his first semester at Arizona Law, introduced the subject with civil-rights era cases that immediately made procedure seem vital and potent, not technical or dry. Those lectures inspired a career-long interest in complex procedural questions, and twelve years later I remember them vividly."

From Andrew's law school graduation in 2009 until last August, he worked in Los Angeles as an associate attorney at Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP, primarily on appeals and class actions, as well as employment and general commercial litigation matters. 

Between California and Arizona last summer, Andrew and his now-wife Emily 
took a stunning detour through Norway.

Last summer, Andrew returned to Arizona from California, joining the Arizona Attorney General's Office in Phoenix as Assistant Solicitor General. He continues to work primarily on appeals but now focuses on federalism and other constitutional questions -- issues that Andrew was deeply interested in even before law school.

In his experience,

"Being an appellate specialist means being a subject-matter generalist, and that requires learning new things every day on an amazing variety of subjects. That's what I've most enjoyed both in private practice and at the Attorney General's Office. That my new position also gives me the chance to serve my home state is a huge bonus."

lifelong Arizona basketball fan, Andrew says there's almost no spot in Tucson he'd rather be than McKale Center. Two other favorite Tucson spots are the Tucson Music Hall and Leo Rich Theater, home to two under-appreciated Tucson arts institutions: the Tucson Symphony Orchestra and Arizona Friends of Chamber Music.

In his new home of Phoenix, Andrew enjoys being active outdoors. Favorites are Murphy's Bridle Path, "a great place to run that's shaded by huge, historic ash and olive trees," and the bike and running paths along the Arizona Canal. 

Andrew was also a 1L in one of my earlier Arizona Law classes, and I have distinct memories of his early legal exploits. We have kept in regular contact since he graduated, mostly during my frequent LA visits to our many California alumni and friends of the college.

It's great to catch up with you, Andrew, and we look forward to seeing you at the bar convention and back at your law school on a future visit.

Celebrating Alumni with 50 Years of Bar Membership

Join us in congratulating University of Arizona Law alumni who have maintained at least 50 years of membership in the State Bar of Arizona. 

Gerald Alston ('68)
John Anderson ('68)
Richard Anderson ('68)
Donald Anderson ('68)
Thomas Aranda, Jr. ('67)
Michael Beale ('68)
William Bennett ('68)
Christopher Combs ('68)
Loren Counce, Jr. ('68)
Stephen Cox ('68)
Richard Crites ('68)
Tom Crowe ('68)
Dennis Dairman ('68)
R. Harvey Dye ('68)
Sidney Felker ('68)
J. Dee Flake ('68)
William Garbarino ('67)
David Helsten ('68)
Waldo Israel ('68)
G. Michael Jessen ('68)
Richard Johnson ('62)
Harvey Jurkowitz ('67)
James Keppel ('68)
R. Kent Klein ('68)
Gary Larson ('68)
David Lieberthal ('68)

Michael Margrave ('68)
J. Michael McClanahan ('68)
Thomas Meissner ('68)
Sidney Mendelsohn, Jr. ('68)
Roy Mendoza ('67)
Louis Moore, Jr. ('68)
G. Eugene Neil ('68)
Hartley Newkirk ('68)
William Porter ('68)
Peter Rathwell ('68)
William Risner ('68)
Larry Rosenthal ('67)
Dan Roth ('67)
D. Jay Ryan ('68)
Eleanor Daru Schorr ('68)
E. Dennis Siler ('68)
Kenneth Skiff ('68)
James Stephens ('68)
Charles Stoddard, III ('68)
Robert Storrs ('68)
Samuel Stout ('68)
Peter Voevodsky ('67)
Stephen Weiss ('68)
Paul Wolf ('68)
Alice Wright ('68)

Around the College
Seeking Albuquerque Alumni and Employers!

Arizona Law's Career Development Office invites you to participate in the Albuquerque Interview Program on Wednesday, August 8, at the Embassy Suites Hotel & Spa. 

Employers will have the opportunity to meet current students and recent graduates who have a particular interest in practicing in New Mexico. This year, the interviews will be followed by a hosted networking luncheon. The luncheon will provide alumni the chance to reconnect with fellow Wildcats and interact with Arizona Law candidates in a casual setting.

To register for the interview program, click here. To register for the networking luncheon only, please email Adam Cirzan at acirzan@email.arizona.edu.

We have a long tradition of law alumni who come from and who go to Texas. It was great to see some of them last week in Houston, and we look forward to many return visits. Last year we had more JD students come from Texas than California! That is a competition I'm glad to promote.

This week many members of our team head to the Arizona bar convention. We see many friends there. And every year we make new friends, with alumni sharing stories of their time as a student, favorite professors, and how Arizona Law set the foundation for their career.




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