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Throughout the year in this newsletter Dean Miller has shared many of the numerous activities, programs, and events taking place at the James E. Rogers College of Law.  Most of these activities would not be possible with the support of our alumni and friends. 

As a current third year law student, it is my pleasure to fill in for Dean Miller this week in order to say thank you. (You can find out a bit about his travels below).

I came to Arizona Law after completing a Master's program in water policy at the University of Arizona and a bachelor's program in environmental studies at Franklin University Switzerland. I grew up in Flagstaff, Arizona, but have since fallen in love with the Sonoran Desert and the vibrant Tucson community. 

During my time at Arizona Law, scholarships have allowed me and many of my classmates to take full advantage of the vast array of opportunities presented to us here. 

As a 1L, I was immediately welcomed into active student clubs such as the Environmental Law Society and the Native American Law Students Association. During my 2L year, I competed in the Samuel M. Fegtly Moot Court Competition and participated in the newly formed Tribal Justice Clinic. This year I am representing Arizona Law at the ABA National Appellate Advocacy Moot Court Competition,  leading a newly formed organization to advance public interest service -- the Justice Advocates Coalition,  and serving as editor-in-chief of the Arizona Journal of Environmental Law and Policy .
Your financial contributions -- and your gifts of time devoted to Arizona Law -- have made a huge difference and helped students like me to survive and thrive here, setting us on a clear path to future careers in the law.
Thank you for your time in our classrooms. Thank you for your participation in hiring and mentorship programs. And thank you for the financial donations that have made it possible for students to pursue their future this great institution for over a century.
The college offers the full spectrum of legal training, from environmental law and indigenous peoples law and policy (my areas of focus) to intellectual property and international trade to family law.  I want to show you some of the areas where your support has made the most difference.
Mia Hammersley ('18)

Alumni Giving Supports Our Students


The Student Scholarship Fund and our Endowed Scholarships make it possible for students to come to Arizona Law. 

You may have read about some of the endowed scholarships such as the Huerta Scholarship Program, the Charles and Jean Ares Scholarship, and the Stephen Phillips Scholarship. 

These funds provide direct tuition support so we can have a standout class of highly capable law students drawn from diverse backgrounds and a rich variety of experiences. 

Your contributions both to the general scholarship fund and specific endowments are an investment in the next generation, which will transform the law. Your support makes it possible for students to pursue their dreams and make a meaningful difference in the practice of law.

Donations to the college support student skill-building and service through numerous dynamic clinics.

Our current clinics include the:
  • Child and Family Law Clinic,
  • Immigration and Workers Rights Clinics,
  • Intellectual Property Clinic,
  • International Human Rights Advocacy Workshop, 
  • Tribal Advocacy Clinic, and 
  • Veterans Advocacy Law Clinic.

Each of our clinics helps to fill a critical gap in legal services to the community. Our students have cited the hours spent working in clinics as some of the most personally and professionally valuable experiences of their law school careers.

Skills Competitions
Contributions to the college also support our broad array of teams in trial advocacy, legal writing, transactional law, and other legal skills areas. Along with clinics, competitions are core -- and expensive -- activities for our students. 

Although the list of competitions that our students are able to participate in changes from year to year, your gifts have regularly supported teams to compete in the following: 
  • ABA National Appellate Advocacy Competition,
  • Samuel M. Fegtly Moot Court Competition,
  • Richard Grand Legal Writing Competition,
  • Jenckes Cup, 
  • Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition, 
  • National Trial Competition (with the endowed Barry Davis National Trial Teams),
  • NALSA Moot Court Competition, 
  • Pace National Environmental Law Moot Court Competition, and 
  • Giles S. Rich Intellectual Property Moot Court Competition (with the newly created Russ Russo Moot Court Team).

The donations that support travel to and from these competitions, along with the countless hours given by volunteer coaches, enable invaluable experiences for our students. Along with clinics, 

We invite you to follow the example of donors to the Barry Davis National Trial Teams and the Russ Russo Moot Court Team by helping to fund other competitions. 

How to Give
We need your support! 

Thank you for considering a gift to the Law College Association of the University of Arizona -- we appreciate your generosity!
If you would like to make a year-end gift, gifts can be accepted online at any time. Here are some helpful tips to ensure your gift is counted in 2017.
If you have any questions or concerns, please call 520-626- 8430 for assistance.

All checks should be made payable to the Law College Association and mailed to The University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law, 1201 E. Speedway, Tucson, AZ 85721-0176. Checks will be processed and receipted according to the postmark date on the envelope. Thus, to receive 2017 tax credit, your check must be postmarked before December 31, 2017.
Credit Card Donations
Per IRS regulations, credit card gifts will be processed and receipted on the date the charge hits the credit card account. This means to receive 2017 tax credit, the charges must be made before December 31, 2017.
Stock Transfers
Information your stock broker will need to initiate the transfer:
1. Name of our Bank: Merrill Lynch
2. Bank's DTC #: 5198
3. Organization Name: The Law College Association of the University of Arizona
4. LCA's Account number: 410-02415
Information we need to alert Merrill Lynch that the securities are being transferred:
1. Name of the security
2. Number of shares being transferred
3. From where the shares are being transferred (bank)
4. Broker's name and phone number
5. Expected date of transfer
6. Donor's name
7. Donor's contact information (for tax receipt)
8. Purpose of the donation (for tax receipt and for where to direct the gift)
Please let us know this information in advance of the transfer to avoid issues with the security processing area -- we can let them know to expect it and can track it internally.
If you need assistance with a stock transfer, please call  Louie Tripp in the College of Law Finance Office at   (520) 626-5489.

Arizona Law in the News
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I am originally from Flagstaff but for nearly five years Tucson has been my home. I am proud to be a member of a community as supportive and compassionate as the Arizona Law community.
Mia Hammersley ('18)


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