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Special Edition, May 23, 2019
CCCR-COB Newsletter
Letter to AB Hebda
May 2019


It was a long, hard winter in the archdiocese and the weather continues to be cold and dreary, but we can have hope that sunny days are ahead. 
We are grateful for the work that has been done on the bankruptcy and the work that continues to be done on restoration. Tim O'Malley is doing his job. The archdiocese has been blessed with our pastoral Archbishop Hebda, who was placed in the winter of his life but continues to brave the cold and point to the resurrected Son who is the Light of the world.
CCCR/CoB also continues to integrate our rightful place as priest, prophet and king, anointed in Baptism by the Holy One (1 Jn. 2:20 and 27).
Our Mission: To build trust and accountability in the archdiocese and welcome all to the table in the Spirit of Vatican II. Come join us in this mission to heal and build the Body of Christ. 

Below is our latest letter to AB Hebda: 
May 23, 2019
Dear Archbishop Hebda,
Catholic Coalition for Church Reform and Council of the Baptized write to you for several reasons:

1.  To congratulate you again on the re-institution of the Lay Advisory Board. This is an important step toward encouraging the whole People of God to take up their responsibility for the life and health of the Church, as Vatican Council II mandated.


2. To ask for the names of the LAB parish reps and deanery reps so we can have regular communication with you and them about concerns and suggestions. We also need dates and location of scheduled meetings of the LAB so we can participate as much as possible. We are seeking simple transparency of our church in order to be active, responsible members who are dedicated to realizing the Church of Vatican Council II.


3.  To ask you to clarify the specific roles of the LAB. We believe that part of our responsibility, as laity, is our prophetic contribution to the whole Church. "That discernment in matters of faith is aroused and sustained by the Spirit of truth." And we accept that this discernment " is exercised under the guidance of the sacred teaching authority" (Lumen gentium 12). We need, as the Body of Christ, to understand how the LAB will genuinely function as the agent of the laity's contributions regarding finance, personnel, moral, and legal issues in the Church. As the Archbishop and chancery staff plan to meet with various subcommittees of the LAB (at least once per week), please inform us about the ways CCCR/CoB can assist in this work.  


4.  To include CCCR and CoB in your communications system so we, who have invested much time and conversation with you on lay participation, will be aware of archdiocesan events affecting the laity. There is a perception that a few select people have their own backchannel of communication with you, to the exclusion of the rest of the laity. The Pentecost event at Mendota is a case in point. We expect all spiritual types and paths (intellectual, devotional, service, social justice, charismatic and evangelical) to be included in a two-way channel of communication. Let this archdiocese be the model of inclusivity for other archdioceses. The past AB has used negative rhetoric and discriminatory actions to keep CCCR/CoB out of the loop, even banned from Catholic Church property. We ask that you restore our rightful place among the People of God in the archdiocese.


5.  To confirm what we have heard you say, in your conference room, that we are a Vatican II archdiocese. Please be assured of our commitment to this Vatican II institutional church. We represent mainstream Catholics who are desperate to heal the grievous wounds of priestly sexual abuse, the growing shortage of priests, and abuse of clerical power. We desire to be in union with all the People of God and embrace those who have been excluded from the sacramental life of the church in this archdiocese because of bias, hatred and neglect. We have been patient through the distractions of bankruptcy, but now we need to take prompt and significant action before our Vatican II institutional church fades into irrelevance.

In the Spirit of the resurrected Christ
Nancy Gotto, President
13321 Commonwealth Dr.
Burnsville, MN. 55337
Open Forum Event - June 11, 2019
Topic - Our Evolving Spirits - by Tom Smith-Myott
If you haven't been to an Open Forum for a while, you won't want to miss this one. Tom Smith-Myott, a retired adult educator, pastoral theologian and co-chair of the Council of the Baptized will take us through the stages of faith development. We will have the opportunity to examine our own stage of spiritual growth and receive new insights in understanding higher stages of consciousness.

Please Join Us - June 11, 2019
Gloria Dei Lutheran Church
700 Snelling Ave. S, St Paul, MN. 55116
7-9 pm
Bring a friend

Still living in joyful hope,
CCCR Board and Council of the Baptized