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Letter to First Year Young Professionals
Meet 22 Year Old Charlyn Moss, GlobalMindED Young Professionals Inclusive Leadership Council (YPILC) Co-President


It’s nice to write for someone else again. After sixteen months of writing in circles, the type of writing that finds its outlet through isolation, I am refreshed to be writing a letter. Words addressed to. To me, letters are the second most intimate form of writing. Like the story of a hermit crab growing out of its more comfortable shell, that’s what this letter represents to me. 

My first year out of college taught me a lot. I learned that pets are not easy and require time, attention, and care. Money is, in fact, a tool that comes and goes, but must be well-managed. I learned if I want to read or workout, I need to design the conditions that force that behavior. I learned I’m reluctant to let people be close to me and I re-learned that all of us speak from our wounds.

Facing change, whether already passed or upcoming, is what most often inspires me to write. I grew up in a rotating life. An orbit of friends, houses, and countries mark my divided memory. Words on paper are what help me connect all the dots. My fragments. Stillness has never been salient in my life, so I spend a lot of time thinking about evolution. 

After a unique year of graduating school, entering a pandemic, starting a new job, and moving across the country to become another stranger, I’ve had the time to settle and package the lessons of a dramatic year into a nice letter. A letter I would have appreciated more about 12 months ago. 

Many of the insights I share came to me after periods of overwork, exhaustion, and frankly, loneliness. Normal feelings to pass after a major life upheaval. All feelings necessary to create the momentum for new habits, goals, and manifestations. If you’ve felt any combination of the aforementioned bad vibes, congratulate yourself for marching on despite it all.

The lessons I write about below will rebirth you. You, reader, get to choose to what degree. If you want to bring a floatie to the deep end, choose just a few of these to follow. If your dreams require the next version of you, I’d consider adopting these all:

  1. Wake up much earlier than you want to. And go to bed much earlier too. This way, you can work on your personal and creative projects with a fresh brain and set the tone of your day before any stress or responsibilities arise from your 9-5.
  2. Pay less attention to your phone and messages. Having a smartphone is pretty much essential these days, but limiting time wasted on your smartphone can prove to be its own exercise in discipline. Set some rules around how much you check your phone during the day. This way you can eliminate the time you spend scrolling and unlock more of your brain. Social media will leave you feeling like you’re not doing enough, while time away will actually allow you to do.
  3. Put effort into looking your best (so that you feel your best). My mother taught me this very young. Wearing your favorite clothes, owning your aesthetic, and knowing what suits you will always do your confidence well. We are mostly stuck with how we look, so it doesn’t hurt to find small ways to admire who you’ve become. Spend time in the mirror. Not other people’s Instagram posts. Just you in a mirror. This is not conceited or vain, but a practice of self-love.
  4. Get comfortable being the beginner. As young professionals, we still have plenty to learn. And in your industry of interest, there will always be folks with more experience than you. See the beginner phase as your most fertile time for creation. As a beginner, you don’t even know what you don’t know, so dream big! Never let the reason you never try something be because you haven’t done it before. We were all beginners once.
  5. Embrace silence. We need quiet time to rest and we need quiet so that we can hear ourselves think. Too much stimulation will not give us the time to plan for the long game. Too many distractions will create distance between us and the necessary introspection that catalyzes our personal growth. Self-focus is for your benefit.
  6. Stay challenged, obsessively. If you train yourself to thirst for the best, that is what you will demand in all you do. Practice setting small goals so that you train yourself to accomplish them. This way you’ll be ready to welcome a destined stretch opportunity when it unexpectedly arrives. And when life gets hard, because it will, you’ll have plenty of practice with resilience. 
  7. Don’t let work be the only thing. There is plenty to gain from work. Friends, skill development, finances. And there is plenty of life that must happen outside of work. Deeper relationships, hobbies, other vocations. Avoid the tendency to make work the center of your universe. Work is just work. What else do you want to create or do while you’re here? What would you do if work wasn’t part of your life? Start there.
  8. Welcome multiple truths. You’ll open yourself up to more learning when you realize that there are multiple ways to do something, multiple belief systems that can peacefully coexist, multiple realities we’re all living from. And since there are multiple truths, you can relieve that pressure to find your one thing. There are likely a few possibilities.
  9. Create now, worry later. The fear in your brain keeps you from creating your life as you want it. Try telling yourself you’ll “worry about it later” so you can actually get started. And then you’ll probably realize there’s less to worry about than you think. Sometimes we have to trick our own minds.
  10. Drown yourself in amazing energy. Energy is contagious. Get rid of the things that detract from your vision, inspire negativity, or that make you feel not-so-good. In place of the bad vibes, create a playlist to lift your mood, sit in the sun, or set your lock screen to some daily affirmations. You’ll attract even more great things to you when you radiate those vibes already.

My favorite lessons? 5, 6, and 10. And I can promise that they work. In the past year, I’ve recorded and published two seasons of my wellness podcast, Working Within, completed my first ever yoga teacher training, and attended the professional conference that introduced me to Carol Carter and the GlobalMindED community, all while working full-time. I’m hopeful that the more disciplined application of these lessons in the next year will only unlock more for me. Let me know how these lessons work for you? I’ll be excited to hear.

Charlyn is the Co-President of GlobalmindED’s Young Professionals Inclusive Leadership Council. Stay connected with Charlyn at and listen to her podcast, Working Within, on any streaming platform. 

We are pleased to announce the YPILC event September 14, and invite you to attend if you are in Denver --details below. Charlyn and team will have events locally and virtually throughout the year so that you can join no matter where you live.
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Dr. Miguel Velez-Reyes; Professor and Chair, University of Texas at El Paso, Dr. Peter Romine; Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering & Computer Engineering, Navajo Technical University, Nader Vadiee; Professor, Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute, Dr. Mohamed Chouikha; Executive Professor and Executive Director, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Prairie View A&M University
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Ubuntu: A Non-Western Perspective on How Collective Impact Can Broaden Participation in STEM
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Diversifying Engineering: An Industry Perspective
Dr. Kenneth Connor; Professor EMeritus, ELectrical, Computer & Systems Engineering, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Danyel Wimberly; Senior Director, NetApp, Victor S. Gavin; Head of Federal Technology Vision and Business Development, Amazon Web Services, Robin Getz; Director of Systems Engineering; Analog devices, Toffee Coleman; Global Sales & marketing manager, Fluke corporation, Tim Shepard; Vice president, Business development strategy & operations, Lockheed Martin Space
Innovations in the Engineering Curriculum: K-12 College Pathways
Dr. Kamal Ali; Professor, Jackson State University, Dr. Brittany Chambers; Manager of Corporate Social Responsibility, Verizon, Dr. Vemitra White; Education Specialist, NASA Marshall & Stennis Space Flight Centers, Dr. Oludare Owolabi; Assistant Professor, Morgan State University, Dr. Adam Carberry; Associate Professor, Arizona State University, Dr. Medha Dalal; Postdoctorate Research Scholar, Arizona State University
Success and Education in Graduate Mentoring
Dr. Clay Gloster Jr.; Dean, North Carolina A&T State University ; Keynote Speaker: Howard Adams; Founder and President H.G. Adams and Associates
Women in Engineering: Increasing Representation
Dr. Cindy Ziker; Executive Director, Ziker Research, Panelist: Dr. Cheryl Talley; Professor of Psychology at Virginia State University, Panelist: Dr. Heather Metcalf; Director of Research and Constituent Relations, Women in Engineering ProActive Network, Panelist: Dr. Roberta Rincon; Assoc. Director of Research, Society of Women Engineers, Panelist: Dr. Rochelle Williams; Sr. Director of Programs, National Society of Black Engineers
Broadening Participation in the Engineering Pathway: Research on Critical Transitions
Dr. Cindy Ziker ; Executive Director, Ziker Research, Panelist: Dr. Steve Efe ; Professor, Dept. of Civil Engineering at Morgan State University, Panelist: Dr. Pamela Leigh-Mack; Professor & Chair, Department of Engineering at Virginia State University, Panelist: Dr. Julius Davis; Associate Professor of Mathematics Education, Bowie State University
Creating a Climate for Post Pandemic Success for Minorities in Engineering
Keynote address by Dr. Gregory Washington, President of George Mason University
STEM Around the World: Student Led Success
Aaron Aaron Cortes; Northeastern Illinois University, Alexandra Agudelo Ruiz; Secretary of Education for Medellin, Columbia, Cüong Trän; NASA Electrical Power Systems Engineer, Dr. Alyssa Lenhoff-Briggs; Director of STEM Learning Ecosystems; Teaching Institute for Excellence in STEM, Jen Iriti; STEM Push Network, and Matthew Cua; Director of Innovation Help, NGO
Person-Centered Learning: Teaching the Skills Needed to Support People
Olivia Fleming; Founder & Director of Partnerships, OneHE moderates the conversation with Dr. Erik Blair; Senior Lecturer, Higher Education Research and Practice, University of West London, Dr. Julie Hulme; reader in Psychology, Keele University, Cleo Keeling Ball; BSc (Hons) Psychology student, Keele University, and Emma Crabb; student, Keele University
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Dr. Mia Zamora; Associate Professor of English, Kean University, Dr. Maha Bali; Associate Professor, American University in Cairo, Autumm Caines; Instructional Designer, University of Michigan
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Olivia Fleming; Founder & Director of Partnerships, OneHE leads the conversation with Dr. Hilligje van’t Land; Secretary General International Association of Universities, Warren Kennard; Founder & CEO ConnectED, and Dr. C. Edward Watson; CIO and Associate VP, Association of American Colleges and Universities
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Olivia Fleming; Founder & Director of Partnerships, OneHE leads the discussion with Dr. Terri Givens; Founder and CEO of Brighter Higher Education, Devin Gaines; Account Executive, SurveyMonkey, and Chantelle George; Founder and CEO of CG Consulting
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Jose R. Rodriguez; Partner (ret.), KPMG LLP leads the discussion with David Lopez; First Gen Student, University of Colorado Boulder, Dr. Donna Blancero, Provost and VP of Academic Affairs Bentley University, Jeffrey Vargas; President & CEO Generationology, Dr. Cristina Alfaro; Assoc. VP for International Affairs, San Diego State University, and Carlos Contreras; Sr. Dir. Americas, Global Partnership and Initiatives Intel Corporation
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Dr. Susan Swayze; Founder & CEO, Diversity Think Tank leads discussion with Nadia N. Butt; Doctoral Student, The George Washington University, Dr. Wendy Cukier; Founder and Director, Diversity Institute, Ryerson University, Dr. Terri Hinkley; CEO, Academy of Medical Surgical Nurses, and Dr. Arlen Meyers; President and CEO, Society of Physician Entrepreneurs
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Native Higher Education Leaders: Transforming COVID Caused Challenges
Dr. David Yarlott, President of Little Big Horn College leads the discussion with Dr. Twyla Baker, President of Nueta Hidatsa Sahnish College, Dr. Carma Claw, Assistant Professor of Management, Fort Lewis College, Dr. Billie Jo Kipp, Associate Director Research and Evaluation, Aspen Institute Center for Native American Youth, Dr. Joseph Gladstone, Professor of Business Management University of New Haven, and Dominik MorningDove, a current student from Fort Lewis College
Building the Diverse Talent Pipeline in K-12, Master’s, and PhD: First Gen and Diverse Success
Dr. Tania Hogan; Director of Undergraduate Student Success, University of Colorado Denver leads the discussion with Richard Maez; IB Diploma Program Manager - Denver Public Schools, Dr. Maria A. Castro Barajas; Assistant Director, Pre-Collegiate Development, Univ. of Colorado Boulder, Dr. Robin Brandehoff; Clinical Assistant Professor, University of Colorado Denver, and Joselyne Garcia-Moreno; student, University of Colorado Denver
Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging in K-12: Moving the Big Rocks of Equity Forward
Jonathan Cooper; Superintendent - Mason City Schools leads panel discussion with Soroya Smith; DEI Learning Experience Designer - Mason City Schools, Kori Harris; Online Content Designer - Second Grade Teacher, Mason Early Childhood Center, Amie Switzer; 4th-grade teacher - Mason City Schools, Mariah Norman; Senior, Mason High School, and Bena Kallick; Co-Founder, Institute for Habits of Mind
Developing the Principal and Superintendent Diverse Pipeline in PK–12: Looking Ahead 
Dr. Mort Sherman; Associate Executive Director - AASA, The School Superintendents Association leads this panel discussion with Dr. Maria Ott; Executive in Residence, University of Southern California, Dr. Michael Conner; Superintendent - Middletown Public Schools, and Dr. Khalid Mumin; Superintendent - Reading School District. Includes Kid Superintendent video
Latino Leaders as Learning Changemakers: The Future of Work is Diverse, Inclusive, Just, and Equitable 
Adrian Rosado; President - Zion Leadership Group with Yecenia Tostado; Executive Director - Project Azul, Sixcia Devine; Business Development Specialist - Grow with Google, Alissa Santana; McNair Scholar, Senior, Business Major University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, and Jaime Ivan Lopez-Rivera; VP for Student Affairs - Antillean Adventist University, Puerto Rico. Register below Renay's story.
STEPS to Skills on the Go: Cell Phone Learning Advancing Equity for Adult Students
Waukecha Wilkerson; Director of Coaching, Cell-Ed leads the panel discussion with Vickie Hay; CalWORKs Coordinator, Student Success, Orange Coast College, David A. Croom; Asst. Director, Postsecondary Achievement, Aspen Institute, Portia Polk; Director of Learning and Advocacy, Generation Hope, and Rachel Mercott, Student, Cell-Ed STEPS
Driving Change through Intersectional Philanthropy: Increasing Representation and Leadership
Dwana Franklin-Davis; CEO, Reboot Representation leads discussion with Carina Weyer; Program Manager, F5 Global Good & F5 Foundation, Taliah Givens; Sr. Director, Student Professional Development, UNCF, Jamie Schwartz; Director of Major Gifts, American Indian College Fund, and Debbie Marcus; Senior Director, Break Through Tech, Cornell Tech
Student Leaders Speak To College Presidents, CEOs, and Government Leaders
Dr. Jessica Rowland Williams; Director, Every Learner Everywhere leads the discussion with GlobalMindED Every Learner Student Ambassadors Jair Flores; Student, Colorado State University Pueblo, Serita Liles; Student, North Carolina A&T State University, Hector Ramos Diaz; Student, University of Portland, and Kyra Welch; Student, Bethune-Cookman University
Advancing Equity in Highly Selective HS and College Admissions-Ed Equity Lab, Partners, and Students 
Alexandra Slack; Chief of Staff, National Education Equity Lab, leads this panel discussion with Asheley Siewnarine; Student Success Director - National Education Equity Lab, Di’Zhon Chase; Student, Columbia University, Michaell Santos; Student, The Bronx School for Law, Government, and Justice, and Favi Olmedo; Student, Bronx Career & College Prep. High School
Tech Empowering Students Before, During, and After Covid: Closing the Digital Divide
Dr. Michael Torrance; President, Motlow State Community College leads panel discussion with Elise Shea; Founder & President, Conversations Unbound, Robert Joseph; President, Team MindShift, Rishi Kanjani; Analyst, Data Insights, Salesforce, and Cala Estes; Director of Education, Blind Institute of Technology
The Benefits of Global Internships: How, Why, Where
Adrian Rosado; President, Zion Leadership Group leads panel with Mara Luna; Director, TRIO Upward Bound. Univ of Puerto Rico, Mitzi Damazo-Sabando; CEO, TinkerHouse Inc., Manila, Philippines, Tree Xu; Community Manager, Education First, Wuxi, China, Erika Aquino; Executive Director, Infinit-O Group Foundation, Raymond Cabrera; Director, TRIO Upward Bound, Univ. of S. Florida, Ayessa Weems; Student, TRIO Student Support, Purdue Univ. NW
International Youth: Strategies for Inclusive, Just, and Equitable Climate Leadership 
Ash Pachauri; Co-Founder and Senior Mentor, Protect Our Planet Movement and Drishya Pathak; POP Movement, India lead this panel of international students including Summer Benjamin; POP Movement Peter Gruber International Academy, US Virgin Islands, Caroline Sandberg; Tahoe Expedition Academy, USA, Tsague Dongfack/Willy Endelson; POP Movement, Cameroon, Ricardo Delgado; POP Youth Mentor, Arturo Michelena Univ, Venezuela, and Zoe Ricardo Rivera; CEI Univ, México
How Environmental Justice and Equity Can Help Solve the Climate Crisis Part 1 
Courtney Knight; Founder and Managing Member, Capstone Capital Advisors and Susan Kidd; Executive Director, Center for Sustainability, Agnes Scott College lead discussion with Anamarie Shreeves; Environmental Education Programs Manager, West Atlanta Watershed Alliance, Eriqah Vincent; Network Engagement Director, Power Shift Network, Dr. Dana Williamson; EPA Environmental Health Fellow, Assoc of Schools and Programs of Public Health, and Gwendylon P. Smith; Exec Director, Collier Heights Association for Revitalization, Resilience, and Sustainability.  
How Environmental Justice and Equity Can Help Solve the Climate Crisis Part 2 
Dr. Kyle Whyte; Professor of Environment and Sustainability, University of Michigan, White House Environmental Justice Advisory Council, leads panel discussion with Ka’illjuus / Lisa Lang; Executive Director, Xaadas Kil Kuyaas Foundation, Dr. Kelsey Leonard; Assistant Professor, Faculty of Environment, University of Waterloo, Brittany Judson; Just Growth Consultant Partnership for Southern Equity, and AJ (Andrea) Grant; President, Environmental Communications Associates.
Student Leaders Speak 2021 Report Finds Shift to Remote Learning Hardest on BIPOC College Students

Diverse students felt they did not have a seat at the table when pandemic related decisions were made and call on college leaders to include them. The report is a joint initiative between Every Learner Everywhere and GlobalMindED with support from The Equity Project LLC

(DENVER, CO – May 6, 2021) — A new report based on data-driven surveys of 25 GlobalMindED Ambassadors representing a larger group of 102 students from 47 colleges in 22 states found that without exception, the shift from on campus learning to remote college instruction has most negatively impacted poverty-affected, first generation, Black, Latinx, and Indigenous students. Their voices are shared in the report, which concludes that college presidents, CEO’s and government leaders cannot solve problems for these students without including them at the table.

Student Leaders Speak 2021: Student Voices Informing Educational Strategies, conducted via surveys, interviews and informal feedback from mentors, illustrates a lack of national and collegiate preparedness to address the near-immediate shift from in-classroom to remote learning. Students reported a lack of access to an engaged faculty and essential technology while underscoring that their greatest support and strength has come from interaction and collaboration within their dedicated student community. Read the full report here: Student Leaders Speak to College Presidents, CEOs and Policymakers.

Highlights include:

  • Communities represented included BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color), first generation, living with disabilities, white poverty-affected, LGBTQ+, Veteran, Online, and ESL/Immigrant.

  • 100 percent acknowledged two or more barriers such as lack of internet access, lack of focused learning environment, no personal device, health concerns, unemployment, language barriers, learning from their beds/bedrooms and/or managing younger siblings.

  • 100 percent described absent or unavailable campus support systems beyond the instructor, equating the learning experience and cost of same as being grossly out of alignment.

  • 80 percent disapproved of the online learning experience, citing inconsistency in faculty ability to educate using technological tools and practices. In essence, the virtual environment was not mirroring or upholding the most important elements of the in-person environment, as some faculty were not adequately trained in the COVID-caused emotional/social needs of students.

  • 70 percent relied on peer support as compared to more formal support systems. Students were learning and growing by being together – something critical to note during times of both social and physical distancing.

The report calls on college administrators to implement actionable steps to ease the challenging demands of remote learning and smooth the transition from college to professional careers.

  • Colleges should do a better job of providing a platform for the voices of poverty-affected and first generation students to be heard.

  • Faculty needs to gain a better grasp of digital tools, technologies and strategies.

  • Advisors should recruit student coaches and peers to help newer students from diverse communities.

  • Policy makers must improve access to transportation, housing, child care, financing, lower tuition/debt and career opportunities for first generation/diverse students.

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