The last two weeks have had an unprecedented impact on our province. We know that this pandemic is creating extreme health, wellness and economic pressures on the legal profession and that these pressures are not likely to be resolved in the near term.

We want you to know that the Law Society has been working with government, the courts and other stakeholders to find solutions to the many challenges that social distancing creates and to ensure that our justice system can continue to function in these challenging times. Much of this work has come directly from the profession who have shared their concerns and identified the barriers they are facing. The work that lawyers do is essential to the functioning of our society. Whether it is a commercial transaction, litigating a family law dispute or conducting a bail hearing, the citizens of Alberta require access to our justice system. We will continue to work with government and the courts in an effort to improve access to the justice system while respecting the public health imperatives.

The Law Society’s core mandate is to protect the public interest, and we believe that this interest is best served by a stable, healthy and functioning legal profession. 

We want you to know that the struggles that are being faced by individual members of the profession are also being faced personally by the Benchers and we are committed to working together with the profession to ensure that Albertans can continue to depend on a strong legal profession. In addition, the leadership at the Law Society is committed to providing all of its services remotely for as long as needed. We truly are all in this together.

On behalf of the Benchers and the leadership of the Law Society of Alberta,

Kent Teskey, QC
President, Law Society of Alberta

Darlene W. Scott, QC
President-Elect, Law Society of Alberta

Elizabeth J. Osler
Chief Executive Officer & Executive Director, Law Society of Alberta

Cori Ghitter
Deputy Executive Director, Law Society of Alberta