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New Lettering Course,
Soto on Conventions, and more!
July 27, 2011

Our next Comic Book Lettering and Production course begins Monday, August 1, 2011, taught by Marvel letterer, Dave Sharpe. Below, you can check out the reasons you'll want to jump on board now.

Plus, we have: convention tips from renowned colorist and Comics Experience instructor, Soto; a report on SDCC 2011; and more news of projects from our community of creators. 

If you've been thinking about trying our courses or joining our Comic Creators Workshop community, there's never been a better time to get involved!

Lettering Class begins 8/1 -- Enrollment now open!

Our next Comic Book Lettering and Production course begins Monday, August 1, 2011.

Your instructor will be professional letterer Dave Sharpe, who has been in the lettering business for twenty years.

Dave SharpeDave started out hand lettering in the Marvel Bullpen before moving to digital lettering, taught lettering at the Joe Kubert School in the mid-90s, and developed and led the Marvel in-house lettering department for two years. Since then, Dave continues to letter for Marvel on a regular basis, in addition to working with many small publishers as well.

Here are four reasons you should sign up for this class now!

1. Save money on your projects - If you're looking at self-publishing your own comics, learning to letter them yourself can save you hundreds of dollars per issue.

2. Bad lettering kills - Nothing will kill your story and beautiful art faster in the eyes of an editor or a reader than amateurish lettering. Your lettering needs to be up to a professional level and this class will show you how to make that happen.

3. Improve your storytelling - Lettering has a huge impact on storytelling in comic books -- you need to know how balloon placement affects how the eye tracks the page, whether the balloons enhance or distract from the art, how the lettering can drive the page turn, and many other issues.

4. It's FUN! - At Comics Experience, we never forget that no matter how serious you are about the profession, creating comics should be fun! Dave and Andy are two of the nicest folks in comics, and the teaching environment is encouraging while also being honest.

The class will be taught live, online for six weeks, meeting for two hours each Monday night. Classes will be recorded for later viewing if you can't make the live meeting. And you'll have access to a dedicated class forum for interacting with your classmates and sharing/critiquing each other's work all week long! For more information or to sign up for the class using Paypal, visit the Comics Experience Courses page

Comics Experience at SDCC 2011!
San Diego Comic Con

San Diego Comic-Con may be the place for gazing at Hollywood stars, but it's also still a destination for those who create -- or want to create -- comic books. 


Many great panels were offered for comic creators, covering topics such as getting news coverage, editing, and indy marketing. 


Comics Experience held three panels, attended by several hundred people over three days. on the topics of breaking in, art portfolios, and pitching, with special guests Reilly Brown (Incredible Hercules), Zander Cannon (Top 10), Mike Costa (G.I. Joe: Cobra), and writer John Layman (Chew).
Plus, we held the 2nd Annual Comic Creators Workshop Meet-Up over dinner and drinks on Saturday night.
Read all about it on the Comics Experience Blog right here.

Convention Tips from Soto!
In last week's live Comic Creators Workshop session, renowned colorist and Comics Experience Instructor Chris Sotomayor led a discussion on making the most of comic book conventions.

Soto!Soto shared a ton of information with Comics Experience members, and spent two hours answering questions about nearly every aspect of comic book conventions. 

A few of the topics he touched on were how to plan for a convention, what to bring with you, how to look and who to talk to.

You can read the whole article on the Comics Experience blog! 

Convention Tips from Chris Sotomayor by Paul Allor

Courses Starting Soon!

We have several courses starting up soon that will get you up to speed and creating your own comics at professional levels.

Introduction to Lettering and Production 
(Live, online course)
logo - letteringBegins August 1st!
Dave Sharpe has lettered for... everyone. He was the head of Marvel Comics' in-house lettering and production staff for several years and is one of the most well respected, talented, and professional letterers in the comics business. Join him and Andy Schmidt for six weeks to get your comics lettering skills up to speed. Nothing brings great work down like bad lettering--and now to get professional lettering, you can do it yourself! Read more and sign up here!

Introduction to Comic Book Art
(Live, Online course)
logo - pencilingBegins August 30th!
Comics penciler Robert Atkins (Amazing Spider-Man, Ultimatum Fantastic Four: Requiem, G.I. Joe) and Andy Schmidt bring this action-packed course to life. You'll learn how to improve your storytelling, what the professional standards are, how to avoid common pitfalls, how to build a great cover, and strategies to break into the business. You'll be asked to complete five pages of sequential comics pages under the guidance of your instructors and you'll get all the behind the scenes tips they can pack into six weeks. And you'll get honest feedback meant to help bolster you forward. Read more and sign up here!

Introduction to Comics Writing
(Live, online course)
logo - writingBegins September 15th!
This six week course teaches everything from story structure to character development, from comic script formatting to finding artists and working with them, from marketing to printing. All at the hands of veteran comics editor and writer Andy Schmidt. Don't wait, reserve your spot today! This one is already filling up, folks! Read more and sign up here!

Introduction to Comic Book Coloring
(Live, online course)
logo - coloringBegins October 3rd!

Developed by Andy and popular colorist Chris Sotomayor (Avengers, Captain Marvel, Batman, X-Men, and many more), this six-week intensive class for colorists teaches you all the necessary tools and tricks for not only coloring with Photoshop, but also how to tell great stories through color. You'll get access to all the tools of the trade, tips on how to break in, and you'll be working with Chris on the pages you color for the class. Read more and sign up here!

To read more about all our online courses, click here!

Comics Experience Community News!

We have even more updates from Comics Experience alumni and Workshop members this month!

Hell, Nebraska coverGraphic.ly has released the first issue of Shaun Manning's new digital comic book, Hell, Nebraska, about a monstrous infernal city erupting from the soil of America's heartland -- and a boy who may be able to stop it! 

The comic book is written by Shaun with art by Anna Wieszczyk and lettering by Ed Brisson.

Shaun is a Comics Experience alum from back when the classes were held live in New York City, and he's a current Comic Creators Workshop member. You'll definitely want to check out his book over on Graphic.ly right here .  

In Production logoComic Creators Workshop member, Joey Groah, has launched a new podcast called In Production, which Joey describes as "conversations with people making things."

Joey talks origin story, process, workflow, and the overall business of being creative with people like editor/director/producer Dave Gorrie and former ad exec, now marketing manager, Andy Perrine.

The site is http://www.InProductionShow.com or you can subscribe through iTunes or RSS. Give it a listen!

Congrats to all the members of the Comics Experience community, and keep creating! 

[If you have Comics Experience-related alumni news, send an email to Rob Anderson at rob@ComicsExperience.com.]

Great Reasons to Join the
Comics Experience Creators Workshop
RIght Now!
An online community for comics creators!

Logo - Workshop1. EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to the Workshop Forums where you can discuss comic creation with your colleagues as well as pose questions directly to our comics professionals, including writer/former Marvel and IDW editor Andy Schmidt, artist Robert Atkins, colorist Chris Sotomayor, and writer/artist/editor John Barber. We've got a diverse group with equally diverse knowledge. And what better way to grow as a creator than with friends who happen to also be creating comics? Answer: No better way than this!

2. CRITIQUES - Have your work reviewed by colleagues and professionals, and learn from reviewing the work of others; a tremendous way to improve your skills. And getting feedback on your work is a hugely satisfying way to approach your work and improve it every time. And no worries, this is an encouraging, flame-free, but honest and articulate place to get your feedback. The Workshop really is the best place to get professional level feedback on your work.

3. THE WORKSHOP LIVE SESSION meets once a month online and covers an industry or creator topic in-depth. Past Live Sessions included: CREATOR COLLABORATION--how to make a good relationship great and survive business together; MARKETING COMICS-- special guest Jim McCann (formerly with the Marvel Marketing team) provided invaluable tips and suggestions on how to get your work noticed by publishers and the world; BUDGETING YOUR COMIC--an eye-opening look at the costs associated with creating your own comic book and publishing it; and INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY-- special guest attorney Gamal Hennessy (formerly with Marvel Comics) discussed how to review a contract and protect yourself, your partners, and your interests. Each month's session is recorded and viewable for a full month if you miss it!

4. PROFESSIONAL REVIEWS from working creators in the industry are great for not just the person getting reviewed, but for the group as a whole. Every month, one writer and one artist who submitted work that month is selected for a special guest review of his or her work! We've had the likes of PETER DAVID, JOHN ROMITA JR., and JASON AARON do reviews already, and there's more to come! 

These are just the top four reasons, to join the Creators Workshop. There are more and I could go on and on about what a warm, encouraging, and insightful group we've got, but this newsletter is already too long!

Click here to read more about it! And join today!

Comics Experience was founded in 2007 by Andy Schmidt. Every course he develops is one he WISHED had been available when he was trying to break into comics 10 years ago.

Our mission is to provide the best possible, most comprehensive courses, available in the world that are specific to comics and taught by working professionals who love teaching. So far, so good. Four years strong and growing.

Join the Comics Experience today. You won't regret it!


Rob Anderson
General Manager
Comics Experience