Property Owners' Association of Deep Creek Lake
Letters to the Secretary of the DNR
October 28 , 2017

At the October 23rd meeting of the PRB two letters to Secretary of the DNR, Mark Belton, were considered. These letters are discussed below...
Kevin Null, Garrett County Administrator, received a request from Secretary Mark Belton, Department of Natural Resources, for the Policy and Review Board's position on funding of the State Lakes Preservation and Restoration Fund.    
A copy of the letter sent by the Chair of the PRB to Secretary Belton providing the PRB's position is the first of two letters and may be seen here.  
T he POA Board supports the position taken by the PRB in this matter.


Kevin Null, Garrett County Administrator, provided an update on the County's application for funding of the Pilot Dredging Project for Arrowhead Cove in Deep Creek Lake (DCL).  As a reminder, the County has applied for 100% of the funding to come from the State's Waterway Improvement Fund.
Mr. Null advised that Mark Belton, Department of Natural Resources Secretary, had contacted him and requested the PRB's position on this funding application.  Further, Secretary Belton requested the PRB's position as to how the $250K earmarked by the 2016 General Assembly for dredging in DCL should be allocated.
A copy of the PRB letter signed by the Chair is the second of two letters, and addresses both of these matters. This second letter may be seen here
Again, y our POA Board supports the positions taken on these matters as stated in the letter.

Bob Hoffmann
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