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Give Yourself Permission To Slow Down
Nothing can prepare you for losing a beloved family member, and when that family member is your pet, there is a unique set of emotions you must deal with. This is often a very intense and emotional time for you and your family and decisions need to be made with careful consideration.

Once you do bring your pet home, you may find comfort in holding your precious pet or keeping them near your bed, reminding you of nights snuggled close together. You may choose to carry them around with you in your purse or backpack to a favorite spot to help you process your loss. If such sincere gestures bring you comfort and make you feel closer to your pet, then by all means just do it. It is important to remember that there is not one correct way to mourn so do what feels natural to you and allow yourself time to grieve and grow into your new normal.

While in the initial stage of grief, it is often not the best time to make an urn purchase decision. This is a lifetime decision-you will probably never replace your pet's urn.So it needs to be the perfect vessel to capture the memories, personality, traits and behaviors of your pet. It took me six months to find the perfect resting place for Wilson and Colby who both passed away this spring.

Grief is an active process and it’s completely normal to mourn the loss of your pet. It is a significant loss and you have to find ways to cope with it. Don’t ignore it or try to avoid it. Difficult though it may be, be open to feelings of grief when they occur and take the time to work through your sorrow. Be comforted in the thought that there will come a day when fond memories bring you only a smile.

What Makes
Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation

Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation Accommodates Special Requests.

We recognize that your pet is unique to you and your family. With this one-of-a-kind bond often comes a family's desire to memorialize their pet in a special way and CCPC strives to fulfill that request.

When receiving your pet, I snip a little of your pet’s fur/feathers and wrap them around a silk rose bud for return to you with the cremains. The cremains are placed in a fabric bag that I hand make specifically for your pet. To accommodate many different choices, I have on hand over 120 different fabrics from which to chose.

If you would prefer, you can provide fabric that has a special meaning to your family. In the past, families have provided a favorite blanket, the cover of the pet’s favorite pillow, a neckerchief, the pet’s winter coat (displayed above in photo), or some other fabric that has a special meaning. The fabric bag allows you to take your pet home without the need to make an urn decision immediately.

From your initial grieving through the days of remembering and honoring your pet’s gift of life, Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation is here to see that you have choices and to fulfill your special requests for the pet you cherish so deeply.

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Angels We Have Heard

Guardian Angel Forever Rock

What a beautifully detailed memorial to keep your loved one “Forever in our Hearts”. The resin boulder is embraced with a wistful angel holding a tribute of flowers. This urn measures 11″ X 9″ X 4 ½” and will accommodate cremains for either your beloved kitty or your faithful canine. The 5″ X 4″ photo frame allows you to easily insert a favorite picture of your beloved companion. The fastened bottom closure creates a secure resting place for your pet

Prayerful Angel
This stunning angelic urn exudes calmness and strength through her magnificence and beauty. Individually hand crafted, this majestic bottom open urn is available in four sizes, 10”, 12”, 18” and 24” tall and can accommodate cremains for all sizes of pets or can be used as a resting place for several pets. The 18” Angel has room for a small name plate to be added, a perfect personalized touch for your precious loved one.