Letting Go Of What Is Holding You Back
The theme of this 4-part series is to Create Your Health and Well-Being. This continues as part 3 of 4 - "Letting go of what is holding you back from your authentic healing: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually". Please click on each hyperlink to review Part 1 of 4 and Part 2 of 4.
This is possibly the most important step of all, which leads you to create authentic healing and wellness. In reality - vitality, longevity and resilience in the body are at the core of our existence.
Our biggest challenge, and the solution at the same time, is at maintaining a high level of self-awareness.
We are living in a sea of misinformation and many times it is hard for us to determine who has our best interest at heart.
I never want you to just listen to and accept what I am passionate about. However, I am always leading you, guiding you and nudging you to discover things on your own terms, by listening to yourself, listening to your intuition, and following the voice of your inner truth. 
Quantum Science and Energy Medicine have shown us that what we think, feel and believe has a profound determination on our body, health and reality.
Our physical body at the most subatomic level is energy held in different patterns and those energy patterns are subject to our own free will.
There are different ways of holding our energy level that are either supporting and serving our healing and well-being, or not. The ways that you stay connected to the energy that is supporting and serving you are:
-       You live from your heart and soul
-       You are open- minded
-       You learn to live in present moment awareness 
-       You are able to listen, learn and grow
-       You take 100% responsibility for yourself and your experiences
-       You have fully accepted yourself and you know your deeper value
-       You understand the value of self-love, forgiveness and self-compassion
-       You live/act out of love, kindness and honesty
-       You speak your truth with easiness and act out of integrity
-       You have developed a deeper sense of peace and ease in all situations
-       You are self-reliant and disciplined to create and live healthy habits
-       You live with a deeper awareness of being connected to a higher intelligence
-       You feel good about yourself, so you provide your body with adequate rest, whole food nutrition, relaxation and activities
Those attributes, traits and choices will align you with a deeper energy flow that will
support your healing, growth and expansion. Living from that place feels good and when you feel good you make better choices for yourself. 
What is holding us back from authentic healing are our conditioned ways of thinking, believing and behaving, which may feel familiar, yet they are not serving us and can keep us “Out of the healing game”:
-       You look for others to fix you
-       You blame others for your issues or do not take responsibility for your yourself
-       You ignore your body
-       You do not listen and honor the messages that your body is trying to send you
-       You try to control others, or over giving, over performing, over functioning
-       You ignore stress level
-       You do not accept or love yourself
-       You are close-minded
-       You live only in your head and your mind
-       You look for solutions and answers outside of yourself
-       Your mind dominates your life
-       You worry about the past and are anxious about the future
-       You have a pessimistic, sarcastic or cynical view on the world
-       You feel as a separate being, alone or victimized
-       Your resting, eating, exercise, and mobility habits are out of alignment and you are not making good choices for yourself
Most of the above mental and emotional habits and characteristics are not either good nor bad. They either serve you or not…..
So the second group describes the way you keep your Vital energy outside of your body and that keeps you disconnected from your own source of power and healing capacities. In other terms you give your own vital energy and power away.

The key to life and healing is self-awareness. Explore and become curious and open as to what is serving you, and what is holding you back from healing and a higher life expression.

What are you becoming aware of after reading this blog? Please read this Blog several times and make mental notes to yourself….

Have you had any aha moments?

What parts of your thinking or behaving are you ready to let go of to make space for a higher vibrational level that would serve you and your health better?

Without awareness – there is no choice! Without awareness - there is no change!!

In love and health,

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