Volume 11, Issue 10 | October 2022

Hi! Happy October—and just about November already!

This past month, this past week (!)—has included a number of instances in choosing to surrender, to let go—of people, circumstances, fear. Becoming aware of my resistance and thinking I’m in control reminded me that if I want to be at peace, in harmony, and in joy, I must let go. With this latest round of lessons, my not being in control was so clearly evident.

Joyce—moi—had this past Monday morning’s plan all figured out: Get to the lab for some blood tests just when they opened @ 8:00 a.m.; be the first or second person in the queue like in the past; be back home by 8:30 a.m. the very latest; enjoy my morning sabbath (especially after fasting since the evening before); and, get to my job by 9:30 a.m. (it’s remote, so not much of a commute these days). I’d lose only 1.5 hours’ pay, and I was okay with that.

But, noooo, that’s not what Spirit had in mind! I was about the fifth person in the queue and had to wait 45 minutes for my turn, when I “should have” been home by then! I had not prepared for such a wait by bringing some required reading in order to make good "use of my time," which added to my growing resentment.

I had to keep telling myself that: this situation was out of my hands (control) even though I’d already been delayed a week plus in going for the lab tests (another story about things and people not in my control); I wasn’t the only person in need of lab work; and, we were all entitled to have our turn. Thankfully, I was cordial and patient with the phlebotomist, remembering there was no one to blame for things not going according to my plan. I realized I may as well enjoy the time, the person in front of me (she had horse photos displayed and loved horses), and the present moment—the only one there is. And, when I got home, I also surrendered the notion and the pressure that I had to rush off to work, something I’d imposed on myself. I decided that, more than ever, I needed my morning sabbath time, and the heck with losing another hour’s pay. It was such a healthy, loving decision on my part, and helpful. I was glad to simply be.

I also had to let go of someone that I’d recently met who I’d thought was going to be a formidable presence in my life in some way, shape, or form. He had misunderstood a reply of mine to one of his texts, got highly offended, and stated that it sounded like I didn’t believe him. Despite my texting back that I think he had misunderstood me or that perhaps I’d not been clear enough in my communication, I never heard from him again—this just after some serious discussion about being in one another’s lives! I felt my side of the street was clean and that it was up to him to reply; apparently, he didn’t see it the same way. I’d assumed with his 32+ years of seeming serious recovery, and us sharing a common language, the lines of communication would be open. Ah, good ‘ol expectations… I had to "release him" from my phone (deleted all our texts) and more importantly, from my heart and mind, and bless him on his journey. I will be forever grateful to him for the inspiration and insights about my own path and dreams I gleaned from our conversations and interactions during our brief time together.

I cannot control people or situations. Spirit is in charge, and has a plan.

One last example of letting go that I'll share with you revolved around the submission of my 2022 mid-term elections ballot. After I deposited it in the USPS box, I started second guessing if it would have been safer to have deposited it in a ballot box. I had to let go that I’d already mailed my ballot and there was nothing more for me to do, just trust. And, then I was most unsettled when I learned of the intimidation incidents here in AZ at designated ballot boxes. I had to let go yet again. What will happen, will happen. Trust is a great way to de-stress. I did take control a bit again: AZ is one of the states where you can check online to see if your ballot has been received and accepted. I couldn’t help myself and confirmed all was well, although I was quite aware that if something did appear amiss, it would probably be such a hassle to investigate. More letting go.

I’m grateful for Spirit placing me in these situations and with these people, and I'm grateful they weren’t wasted on me because I was awake and willing to see them in a different way. "Do you prefer to be right or happy?" comes to mind, from A Course in Miracles (T-29.VII.1.9). Lessons abound in my everyday life that I can choose to see and make a shift. If I want to be at peace, happy, joyous, and free, I need to regularly surrender to Spirit.

There is what is mine to do, there is what is yours to do, and then there is what is Spirit’s to do—with me staying out of the way.


It is my goal to let go more and more, and more quickly. It is healthier (for everyone in my life!), it is freeing, it allows for more joy within me.

In Daniel Nahmod's song "Water" he sings about "Head uphill no more." It's about letting go, stopping the resistance. Nature is a wonderful example, be it an eagle heading straight into the wind without fighting or a river heading out to sea. Letting go enables me to flow like water, to have my life like water.


I wanna be like water

Coming down a mountain

Into shadowy canyons

Flowing from pool to stream

Wanna be like water

Head uphill no more

I am bound for the sea.


Daniel Nahmod, "Water"

Inspiration and Contemplation

Control and Change


Five Steps to Letting Go

For me, letting go is a process and has much to do with letting go of my ego, staying in the present moment, and trusting Spirit.

In a blog post by Hack Spirit, they refer to what the spiritual teacher Osho has to say about the matter. They include the following five steps to letting go:

  1. Observe your mind
  2. Distinguish between the voice of the ego and the actual situation
  3. Embrace uncertainty
  4. Meditate
  5. Don't beat your self up

To read the full post, visit Hack Spirit.

People Making a Difference

Good Samaritans Rescue Displaced Animals in Wake of Hurricane Ian

Hurricane Ian, one of the deadliest storms in Florida’s history, prompted the largest ever federal search-and-rescue mission. In addition to helping residents, efforts were expanded to help the four-legged and furry friends that had also been displaced from their homes and families after the Category 4-storm made landfall on the Gulf Coast on September 28.

American Humane, ASPCA, and PAWS Chicago were among the organizations that provided assistance. A special operations team led by the captain of Orange County Fire Rescue in Orlando donned wetsuits and set out in boats to rescue individuals and their pets.

At St. Petersburg’s Sunken Gardens, staff got creative in order to protect its flamingos before Ian made landfall. The resident flamingos were ushered into a public restroom onsite, an ideal “bird bunker” since it didn’t have windows and had a sturdy foundation.

And, the good Samaritans not only focused on helping pets and domesticated animals. More than 200 baby sea turtles were rescued by the Sea Turtle Preservation Society and brought to the Brevard Zoo in Melbourne, Florida.

Read more and view some darling photos.

"We wear ourselves out trying to control the incontrollable, while God patiently waits to receive our burdens. All we need to do is hand them over: God's presence is here, now."

— “In God’s Care*: Daily Meditations on Spirituality in Recovery,” October 30

*As We Understand God

Wishing you inner peace. Namasté.

Let us not forget!

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