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Letting God Direct You

Audio version read by Rev. Steven Lane Taylor, B.Msc.

Without a doubt, the greatest possible human experience is having direct mystical experience of God—to know that God does, indeed, exist, that God’s Presence is a reality, and contact with that reality is within you at the center of your mind.

Second only to this experience is the knowingness of having the daily companionship of God, in the form of God directing you as you engage in your daily activities. What greater advisor or counselor could you have than the Universal Mind of God directing you?

Text taken from Dr. Paul Leon Masters’
“The Theocentric Way of Life,” Volume 4: Module 39.

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Each day there is a free 3 to 4-minute "Improve Your Life" audio message and meditation from Dr. Masters offering insights into daily living. Some of the topics include love, happiness, abundance, positive thinking, and navigating daily living during these times. The messages will inspire you to rise above any challenges in your life.

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Meditation awakens one’s consciousness
— and conscious awareness creates greater sensitivity to what is
— and what is not — both on a Universal scale
and the individual’s role within it

Benefits of Meditation in Your Daily Life

  • A calmer, more peaceful state of mind as you go through your day.
  • Through inner calm, a mind that more clearly sees what to do decision-wise.
  • More creative ideas that you can use to improve your occupation, career, and income.
  • Being more loving and attracting love or keeping love attraction that already exists.
  • Helping to maintain good health or aid in healing what needs to be healed physically and/or emotionally.
  • Looking better, more attractive, as the inner beauty of higher consciousness shows and shines through.

Voice of Meditation – Instructions for Use
Download this Instructions for Use file to receive the most benefits from this guided meditation series.

The VOM series consists of 31 audio recordings designed to guide you through daily metaphysical meditations on different spiritual topics. The recommended usage is to listen to a different guided meditation every day of the month.

The purpose of these 31 meditations is to introduce you to meditation, help you deepen your meditation experiences while guiding your inner conscious mind to connect on greater levels to the Divine Higher Consciousness within you.
If you didn't have the chance to download the individual Voice of Meditation topics we’ve recently offered, now is your opportunity. We will again be featuring
a new download every week for free.

from Dr. Masters'
Voice of Meditation Series...

Alchemy meditation transforms the negativity of mortal ego-consciousness into divine energy awareness of the Higher Mind within you. This meditation takes you through an energy shifting process of channeling Divine White and Golden Light through your body, transforming all lower-level energies to the higher level frequencies of peace and serenity that are already within you.

This meditation takes you through a process that alternates the flow of gold and white light energies through the right and left sides of your body and mind. It is very useful for healing emotional and physical conditions as it circulates spiritual energy directly through the nerves, cells, and tissues of your physical body and the energy bodies (your aura) at the same time.

All illness and disease begin in the energy bodies as unhealthy, negative thoughts and feelings long before they manifest in the physical body as a physical condition. This process helps to transform that negativity, clear the unhealthy energies and bring balance and harmony back into your mind, body, and spirit so that healing can take place within you.

Higher Consciousness Meditation
by Dr. Paul Leon Masters

For many years, Dr. Paul Leon Masters taught students the practice of higher consciousness, mystical meditation in his classes. Being divinely guided, he brought
forth many new and innovative techniques and practices of meditation.

In everyday life, every physical perception has other vibratory levels that are usually unperceived by your physical senses. There are vibrational frequency energies on a psychic, ethereal, astral, mental, and mystical level. In Dr. Masters’ voice, there are usually undetected frequencies of high spiritual energies transmitted to corresponding energy frequencies in your own higher levels of mind and awareness, stimulating them into activity.

The higher vibrational frequencies in Dr. Masters’ voice come as the result of years of going into the higher levels of his consciousness during meditation in which he has personally experienced practically all states of meditative consciousness, which you may have heard or read about in various schools of thought, such as Yoga, Alchemy, Theosophy, Self-Realization, Vedanta, Religious Science, Unity, and Mysticism.

We invite you to listen to a 6-minute meditation.

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Rev. Dr. Edwige Bingue, Msc.D.
from Nevada

Light Body Mentor/ Healer/Author/ Radio-Host Rev. Dr. Edwige Bingue’s spiritual journey began at an early age when she was often visited by what she would now refer to as her benevolent brothers and sisters. Rev. Dr. Edwige’s ability to both heal and activate one’s Divine Potential manifested spontaneously when her light body moved into her. Dr. Edwige’s body acts as a vessel to bring vibrational energy forth directly from Source, and to bring you into the “Flow” of all that is. Her “Soul Purpose” is to be “A Bridge Between Heaven And Earth.” Dr. Edwige was guided by ...

"My definition of metaphysics would be the search for absolute reality. The search for: Who am I? What am I? Where have I been? Where am I going? What is the relationship of man, mind and the Universe? If you can answer those questions, you can find your place in life. If you can't, then it doesn't matter, you're just a wanderer." 
—Dr. Paul Leon Masters

A recent Trustpilot review by Kelly Kaelin

I have enjoyed the journey of studying for my Bachelor's degree! It helped me in several ways. The studies helped confirm much that I felt I have *known* over the years that remained cloudy especially in light of social conditioning. It also pushed the clouds of my thinking out by both rounding out my thoughts and adding so much more to my understanding. It's been a lovely journey so far and I look forward to continuing my studies. Thank you so much for all you do! Sending Love to All.

Downloads and Books by Dr. Paul Leon Masters
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Timeless Wisdom
mp3 Downloads
Since 1959, Dr. Masters had conducted full time research and teaching into the exploration of consciousness, synthesizing results from research experience with science, psychology and the mystical teachings of Christ and others. This is the basis and foundation of the life improvement instruction and consciousness exploration practice that he shared with those seeking a more enlightened spirituality with which to live their lives.

Inspirational Lectures
mp3 Downloads

Over the course of his lifetime of service, Dr. Masters presented a large number of inspirational lectures during his Sunday services. Presented here are those given between 2006 and 2008. Almost all of them began with a meditation or healing treatment, after which he presented a teaching and included an affirmation.
Mystical Insights
- Knowing the Unknown

Dr. Masters dedicated over five decades of full-time professional work involving the research and application of his findings to improve human lives. His soul's fulfillment was to share how Universal Mystical Presence and psychic/mystical energy factors influence every aspect of our lives. 

Dr. Masters explores these concepts and shares his realizations and wisdom with Mystical Insights.

Spiritual Mind Power

Affirmations to Be Used Together with the Inspirational Lecture Series

Affirmations are a cornerstone of Dr. Masters' teachings. The collection of affirmations within this book stand as a testament to Dr. Masters' belief in the power of positive thinking, and using affirmations to advance and enlighten all areas of the human experience and to elevate human potential.

Touch the Spirit of Infinite Love, Life, Wisdom, and Peace through Meditation

Dr. Masters' new and improved version of Meditation Dynamics includes an abundance of practical meditation exercises that will assist you in opening to higher levels of self-realization, inner happiness, and outer success. 
Meditation Dynamics is a how-to book with emphasis on the actual practice of meditation, self-hypnosis, and related metaphysical disciplines.

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