First Week is Almost Done!

How was your first week? I know that uniforms and dance wear are always tricky the first couple weeks but hopefully everything went smoothly in all your classes.

Have questions? Let us know! Just reply to this email if you have any questions about classes, programs, etc. 
Comp Level 1 Mandatory Meeting

Don’t forget that there is a mandatory Level 1 meeting on Saturday, September 15th. This is a very important meeting for all parents to learn more about the expectations for both dancer and parent as well and an opportunity to ask any questions! Both dancers and parents should be in attendee at this meeting!

Saturday September 15th
Competitive Level 1 Meeting
Uniform Requirements

There was a bit of confusion because many Level 1 competitive dancers are in REC classes to. To be clear, dancers are required to have the Competitive uniform items. If your dancer is taking a REC ballet class, they would simply wear their competitive ballet shoes to this class (as they are different from REC ballet shoes). Same rule applied to jazz, etc. 

If your dancer is taking REC tap - they need the REC tap shoes that can be ordered through the dance store on our website. 

Please find the attached competitive uniform list for your convenience. All of these items can be purchased at Bodythings or City Dancewear. 

Bodysuits will be available soon! This is the bodysuit that we ordered for you and that you will wear to your ballet classes! 

Competition Dates
Level 1 only attend 2 competitions. Below are the dates for your 2 competitions that you will be attending this year. Competition name and exact locations will be released at a later date. For now, please clear your schedules for the following dates: 

Competition 1
April 22-27
Calgary, AB

Competition 2
May 2-5
Calgary, AB
Yoga Blocks For Acro - Required

Dancers are all required to have their own yoga blocks for their acro classes. Yoga blocks can be purchased at Sportcheck or Walmart! Dancers should keep their yoga blocks in their bags or in their locks as they will need them for each class. 
Lockers For Rent

We have lockers for rent this year!! If your dancer is wanting to keep some of their things at the studio at all times then they can rent a locker. Locks and combinations will be provided to dancers. 

Lockers - $10/month or $100 for the year
NUVO + GSP Conventions

While NUVO Dance Convention and GSP Dance conventions are not mandatory, we do encourage our level 1 dancers to attend. If you are interested in attending NUVO or GSP please let me know by Wednesday September 19th. 

October 13/14
Telus Convention Center
$210 (Juniors)
$235 (Inter/Adv)

October 26-28
$260 (ages 5-7)
$315 (ages 8+)

Level 1 Dancers currently attending NUVO/GSP
Yalda Rezaei

Email us to let us know you would like to attend one both of these conventions! 
Competitive Web Login

Competitive Dancers and parents have access to a special page on our website that hosts some really important information. This is where you will find your music for all your competitive routines as well as updates on competitions and all the newsletters thats we send out. 

Password: emojilove 
Updated Calendar Dates

Please note that many dates have changed on our calendar. 
Important dates to note: 

January 14 - return to dance after holidays
June 18-21- Year End Shows 

Don’t forget that we DO have classes on Friday October 5th .  

Parent Reps and Contact Lists

If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to your Parent Reps! They have all been chosen because they have knowledge within our programs and will be able to guide you further if you have questions. 


Cake:  Karen Chan (Callista's Mom)

D onuts: Nicole Neuman (Georgia's Mom)
Proper Hair = Mandatory

While it was the first week this week and dancers don’t all have their uniforms (bodysuits are on their way! We will let you know when we will be handing them out in class), we do expect dancers to have their hair done properly for each class. Especially ballet classes.

Pony’s should NEVER be worn to a ballet class.

If you are unsure of how to do a bun for ballet class, please watch the video below. 
Halloween Silent Auction and Dance

It’s back again!! This is always such a fun event that the dancers and parents love attending. 

The halloween silent audition date has been updated since we first sent out our schedule and will now happen on Saturday October 20th. 

Put it in your calendar! Its such a fun event that our dancers and parents participate in and we always have some amazing items up for bid. 

This year, we will be asking families for donations if you have anything that would be a good addition to our silent auction line up. Things like gift cards, event tickets, items for kids, items for adults, gift baskets, etc. 

Please let Bri know if you have anything you would like to donate to this awesome event! 
Photo/Video Day - Nov 5-9

Our photographer/videographer will be coming into the studio during the week of November 5-9 to take candid photos and videos for the studio. These photos will be available for purchase if you like! We will send that information out when its ready, but for now please note these days in your calendar. 

We ask that dancers either wear neutral dance wear or Alive dance wear. If your dancer does not wish to be in the videos/photos, please make sure they wear either something red or something with a really bright colour. 
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