Level 1 Newsletter
Sept 26
Years of Experience - REVIEW THIS

Please review the attached sheet to confirm your dancers years of experience. This is how your dancer will be entered into competition. If something looks wrong and your dancer has more/less year of experience in a certain style please let us know.

If you think your dancers years of experience is the same as another dancers’ please look at theirs as well! The years of experience begin at Age 6. 

It is VERY difficult and sometimes not possible to make changes once we submit the years of experience to the competition so please ensure that the information in this document is correct. 


We have a few level 1 dancers attending NUVO and GSP!! If you are attending either of these conventions please review the information below. 

All level 2 dancers are attending NUVO please review the info below for your NUVO placement. Everyone has been charged for NUVO as of today
(Wednesday September 26). 

I can no longer make changes so this is the final information. 

Teachers will be in attendance at NUVO, however they are not chaperones. Dancers receive breaks/lunch breaks/etc. If your dancer is not capable of being left alone in the downtown area, a parent/guardian must be present for these dancers. 

*ALL Nubie’s must have a parent present in the room with them the whole time. One parent will receive an observer pass*

Yalda Rezaei - Junior
Isla Moody - Junior
Sejane Kwan - NUbie
Kealani Lafontaine - Nubie
Anna Li - Mini

NUVO October 26/27/28
Hyatt Regency Calgary
700 Centre Street S


GSP has been charged and registered for. I can no longer make any changes to this registration.

Yalda Rezaei - Junior 

GSP October 13/14
Telus Convention Center 
120 9 Ave SE

Parent Representatives Needed!

Ice Cream group
Cakes group 

The above groups need a parent rep! If you would be willing to help out in this position we would be so grateful! You don’t have to have danced in a competitive program - you simply need to read out newsletters and stay up to date with any new info! 

Let us know if you would be interesting in helping out with your dancers group!


April 22-27
Calgary, AB

Great Canadian Dance Challenge
May 2-5
Calgary, AB

 Don’t forget that any of the days listed within the date range are fair game for your dancer to be scheduled. Please plan ahead and know that your dancer will be able to arrive on time (90mins early) and will likely stay for adjudication (1-2 hours after). 

Ballet Bodysuits - New Order
(for back up bodysuits/exam only bodysuits)

All dancers should have either received their bodysuits or will be receiving them this week! If your dancers has not receive their bodysuit it is because we hand them out in class. 

If your dancer is in need of an additional bodysuit, please let us know! We are placing an order for more bodysuits and if you would like to have a back up or a brand new one reserved for exams only, then please let us know by October 1st. 

Child: $45+gst
Adult: $55+gst

Silent Auction 

It's less than a month away! Please let us know if you plan on donating something so we can prepare for it! We appreciate any donations that you can offer! 

We will be doing a really fun Wine raffle this year and we are asking that families bring one bottle of wine into the studio! So even if you don’t plan on donating something but have a bottle of wine or two laying around, drop it off! We will be so so grateful! 

Email Lists

All of our emails lists are up to date. If your would like to add more emails please let us know and we will add it!

Nut Free/Animal Free/Scent Free Studio 

Please respect the allergies at the studio and make sure that you are not wearing any scents into the studio, bringing any pets, or bringing any nuts into the studio.

Suspicious Man - Please report any suspicious people/behaviour 

Calgary Police Service contacted us and let us know that many businesses in our area have been reporting a suspicious man in and around workout studios/other dance studios. As of right now, we have not seen this man or witnessed any suspicious behaviour but we ask that if you see anything suspicious or concerning that you please call Calgary Police Services (non-emergency) at 403-246-1234. Alive Danceworks can not make a statement to the police for you so please call them if you see anything! We would also like you to let us know if you see anything like this. 

For now, we will be keeping all the blinds closed in all the studios and asking that dancers leaving the studio on breaks and to/from dance buddy up with someone. Please talk to your dancers about safe behaviours especially in the areas around the studio where we know they feel comfortable.