Level 2 Newsletter - Nov 1
Updated Extras Schedule

This has been updated!!
(including some of the stuff happening this weekend)
Updated Rotating Schedule + Boosters Schedule

This has also been updated to include Miss Jenn's Booster days. Please refer to this document for any updates.
PBT Schedule 
Don't forget that PBT doesn't happen every week! Please make sure you and your dancers are aware of the PBT schedule (can change pick up times etc)

Studio Candid Week - Nov 5-10
Our photographer/Videographer is coming to the studio again this year to get some candid shots of our dancers in the classroom! He will also be making a promotional video for us! 

November 5th-10th is the week that he will be here. Dancers should be wearing neutral colours (grey, black, solid non-bright colours) or anything with the Alive Danceworks logo on it. 

If you wish for your dancer to not be photographed/videoed please make sure they wear a REALLY bright colour on these days. 

These pictures will be made available to parents and dancers for viewing and purchasing if you wish! 

Password: AliveDW2018

You can register for the gallery to get a notification when the photos are ready. Last year, the photos were great! We even use some of them on our own website. 

Make sure to register ahead of time for the gallery so you know exactly when the pictures are ready! 
Festival/Competition Entry Fees - Nov 16
Entry fees for competitions are coming up! Charges go through on November 16th. Below are the charges per dancer for each type of group they are in. Please remember that we are attending three competitions! And the below prices are what you will pay for each routine in each competition.

Next week I will have a document with the exact charges for your dancer. 

Solos: $90+gst/dancer
Duets: $70+gst/dancer
Trio/Group: $55+gst/dancer
Christmas Show + Tickets on sale November 5th
Friday December 14th MRU Rehearsal
Saturday December 15th 2:30pm Show 1
Saturday December 15th 7:00pm Show 2 

There are no shows on Sunday! The shows are the exact same and will run approx 1 hour and 30mins. 

Shows are held at the Wright Theatre at Mount Royal University.

Tickets are going on sale at 10am on Monday November 5th. Tickets are $23+fees/taxes. All tickets are to be purchased online. We do not set aside any tickets for families for this show.
Visit tickets.mru.ca to purchase your tickets on November 5th. We will also send out the link once tickets are live! 

Who: (not show order)
Senior Ballet Group- Time to Say Goodbye
Becca and Nat Duet - Dream a Little Dream
Cool Kids Contemp - Young Folks
Smiles Contemp - Better Together
Junior Challengers Lyrical - Clay
Kisses Lyrical - Climb
Nerds Jazz - Mama Yo!
Stars Ballet - 7 Years Old 
LOL Jazz - Hero
Ghost Hip Hop - Off to the Tropics
Alien Hip Hop - Money
Skulls Hip Hop - Dem Beats
Devils Hio Hop - My Ting
Carlo Hip Hop - Fenty 
Hearts Jazz - Space Unicorn
Smiles Ballet - WSS
Cool Kids Jazz - Don’t Stop Me Now
Winks Jazz - Cry Me A River 
Inter Challengers - Fix You
Senior Challengers - Shutters 
Novice Challengers Ballet - Enchanted 
Kennadi and Sarah Duet - An Adventure Together
Senior Contemp Quartet - Chained 

*rememeber this show is a mandatory part of Level 2. That includes rehearsals and all show times.*  
  Poinsettias, Wreaths and Holiday Planters
Link to the product pricing sheet and order form is attached (no online ordering will be available at this time).
Costs (tax included) and Profit for this fundraiser are as follows:
Poinsettias (red, pink, white) $13 each (you make $5.07 per poinsettia)
Wreaths and Indoor Planters - $32 each (you make $9.11 per wreath or planter)
Outdoor Planters - $42 each (you make $9.76 per outdoor planter)

Purdy’s Chocolates
See the link for the product catalogs and order forms. Note that GST must be manually added to the price of all items noted in the catalog and on the order sheet when calculating your order total! Paper product catalogs should be available to pick up at the studio soon for those who prefer that. No online ordering is available at this time.
You will make 25% profit of your total sales of the chocolates.

Order forms & Payment Due:

Friday, November 16 (no later than 3pm)
Note: Payment for each fundraiser should be submitted in a separate envelope (labelled ‘Friends of Alive Danceworks’) with the completed order form. Please make sure your dancer’s name is on the order form.
Pick up for both the Poinsettias and Chocolate orders:
Friday, November 30 (afternoon time TBD)

Questions? Contact the Fundraiser Team at friendsofalivedance@gmail.com
November 11 - No Classes 
 (no street team, no HH tech, no tap, no level 3, etc)
We are hoping that if you have the chance, you could pop over to Google or Facebook and leave Alive Danceworks a review. We would really appreciate it! 

(just google Alive Danceworks and leave us a review)

If you don’t want to leave a review on either of those sites, we will always welcome emailed testimonials. 
Ballet Syllabus Viewing and Filming - Nov 26-Dec 1 
Level 2 Ballet Syllabus teachers will be inviting parents into their dancer's syllabus classes to film exercises so dancers can practice at home. 

*on your calendar, it also says Viewing week on November 26-Dec 1, however this is only for Rec and Sessional classes. Level 2 dancers do not participate in viewing week - other than ballet syllabus for filming*
Acro Exams Info
Mock Exams Schedule - Sunday December 2
Level 1 4:00-4:45
Level 2 4:45-5:30
Level 3 5:30-6:15
Level 4 6:15-7:00
Level 6 7:00-7:45

Finalized Acro Exam schedule and placement coming soon as there have been some changes.

Acro exam fees will be charged on December 1st with your tuition fees. Acro exam fee if $125+gst. 
Studio Contest - Hold it and Ugly Bodysuit
November/December Hold It Contest. Miss Christa has created a ton of contests for all the dancers in the studio to participate in! For November and December we will all take part in the hold it contest! 

We will also be holding an Ugly Bodysuit Contest for all dancers in a syllabus ballet class in Level 2. We invite all dancers to decorate a bodysuit (please don’t use your syllabus bodysuit). Dancers will wear their Ugly Bodysuits to their syllabus class during the week of December 3-7th . Winners will get a prize!! 

PS - parents you are also welcome to join in! We will happily accept and feature on social media any pictures or videos of parents attempting the hold it contest! 
Contact Lists 
Attached below are the updated contact lists (these shouldn’t change anymore). Highlighted in RED on these lists are the Parent Representatives. Please be kind to these volunteers who offer there time to help keep your dancers organized and in the know. 

Nike Gear
Anyone who ordered backpacks, pants, leggings, shorts at registration please know that as soon as we have the items in we will email you!!

The order for these items was placed later than our jacket order so they are just taking a little longer to get here! As soon as they are here, you will receive an email from us. We really appreciate your patience as we wait for these awesome items to arrive!
Student Teacher Needed
Miss Kris is in need of a student teacher for one of her classes!

Thursday 4:00-4:45
Ages 4-6 Ballet/Jazz
Miss Kris

Dancer helping with this class should be at least 9years old and have no scheduling conflicts.

Please let Bri know if your dancer would like to help with this class!
Don’t forget to follow us Instagram and Facebook . We do lots of fun features and behind the scenes stuff over there and we would love for you to join us!
The Halloween Silent Auction and Dance was a huge success and we owe that to the parents and dancers who helped make it happen. We raised over $5000 this year! This money will go towards paying for competitive fees so that your fees don't have to increase! So THANK YOU!