Updated Summer Extras Schedule

Please review the attached schedule. Many rehearsals have shifted ! Things like Carlo Hip Hop, some groups and solos have all been adjusted.

Summer Intensive Schedule and Placement
August 20-24 All Styles Summer Intensive


If you are looking for the additional choreo happening during the week of intensive, please review the summer extras schedule above
Ballet Intensive Schedule and Placement
August 27-30 Ballet Intensive


Costume + Shoe/Dancewear Sale
AND Level 2 Costume Measurement Day

We are holding a Costume/Dancewear/Shoe Sale on Friday September 7th !

If you are wanting to sell your costumes please bring them to the studio during the week of intensive (next week).

Attached you will find a Costume Sale Form and you must fill one of them out for each costume you plan on selling. We will determine the final price that the costume will sell for.

For the dance wear and shoe sale, you will simply bring your items on the sale day and you can price and sell your own items.

Costume/Dancewear Sale Schedule:
Friday September 7th
12:00-4:00 Teachers ONLY costume shop
4:00-5:00 Shoe and Dancewear sale (parents stay to sell their own items)
4:00-8:00 Dancer costume sizing for 2018/19 costumes

This shoe sale will be open to all level 2 dancers and parents. If you are wanting to look into purchasing costumes for solos, etc we would love for you to look into these costumes! Our teachers will also be doing some shopping so that we might hopefully be able to save parents some dollars in the costume department!

Let us know if you have any questions! Mandy and Bri will be organizing this event so any questions can be directed to them.
Level 2 Welcome Back BBQ at Alive - Sept 7

Our fundraising parent group, Friends of Alive, has generously offered to host a Welcome Back BBQ for all our level 2 students!

What: Welcome Back BBQ
Who: Level 2 dancers and families
When: Friday September 7 @ 4:00-6:00pm
Where: Alive Danceworks

There will be food and drinks for everyone to enjoy and some time to mingle and hang out with the Alive Community.

(plus it just so happens we are having our costume sale this day!!)

We will be posting a sign up sheet in the lobby so that Friends of Alive can know how many people will be showing up. Please make sure you sign up if you are planning on coming so that we will have enough food and drink for everyone.

Dance season is just around the corner and we are so excited to welcome you all back!
Mandatory Competitive Program Orientation - Sept 15

We will be holding a short meeting for each level of our competitive team. This meetings mandatory for all new students (whether new to alive, new to a level, etc)

Saturday September 15th

Level 1 Meeting

Level 2 Meeting

Level 3 Meeting

This meeting is very helpful to new and returning students as there are always new questions asked and when returning students and parents join us, they can ask helpful questions that will benefit the new families at alive!
Last Chance: Are you interested in Cecchetti ballet?

Dancers from the following groups are being offered the opportunity to take Ceccehetti ballet classes from a certified instructor!

Smiles : We haven't got a specified time for you yet, however if we have enough interest we will create one for you

LOLs : Inter Cecchetti - Sunday 9:00-10:30am

Cool Kids : Senior Cecchetti - Sunday 10:30am-12:00pm

They will take ballet exams within this class as well. The benefit of this class is learning a world renowned syllabus that can be applied when attending classes/auditions/etc anywhere in the world!

You will be looking at a charge similar to that of PBT.

Please let Bri know if you would like to join this class!

NUVO Convention

Registration for NUVO officially opens next week! Charges for NUVO dance convention will go through on Friday August 24th. Thank you for your patience in the changing charge date for this convention.

We believe waiting for the accurate price will end up saving our families money in the long run but if you have any questions just let Bri know!

Competitive Uniform Lists

Please find the competitive uniform lists attached below. You can purchase all your items at either Bodythings on 17th ave or City Dancewear on crowchild.

We have updated this list with new items, so please make sure you are purchasing the correct items this year!

If you have a dancer that is in both competitive and rec classes, you will notice that the uniform lists are different. Please follow the competitive uniform for any competitive classes. If you REC classes overlap in style to your competitive classes, you can wear your competitive uniform items (ex, ballet shoes). However if you are taking REC Hip Hop or REC tap and neither of those styles in competitive classes then please follow the REC uniform guidelines.