Updated Extras Schedule
Level 2 classes on Friday Oct 26, Saturday Oct 27, Sunday Oct 28 are cancelled for NUVO.

This is a mandatory convention! Which means that dancers should be attending all classes even if they've never tried the classes before!

Miss Jenn and a few other teachers will be at NUVO for the whole convention (Friday, Saturday, Sunday). This is who you will look for to receive your wrist band and registration info.

Friday Class time
Dancers in the Mini and Junior levels should all be attending the Hip Hop class (5:00-6:00pm).

We have received questions about what dancers should be attending the Inter/Advanced classes on Friday.

LOLs, Winks, Cool Kids are considered Inter/Advanced and should be attending the Friday classes. If dancers are not taking Tap (or haven't taken tap in the past 2 years), then they should not be attending the Tap class. All these dancers should be attending the Jazz Class (7:00-8:00) whether you are 13+ or not.

NUVO Level placement

Don't forget that all dancers need to have a parent present the WHOLE time during this convention. You will receive your observer pass at registration.

What to Wear
Dancers should we wearing items that are appropriate to the class style. For example, wear ballet tights, shoes and bodysuit to Ballet with a ballet bun. For hip hop, do not wear a ballet bun - wear something baggy and more funky.
We expect our dancers to look the part this weekend!
All dancers should be wearing their new jackets to NUVO.

Parent Classes
This year NUVO is offering FREE classes to parents on Saturday morning! If you are dropping your dancer off and want to take some classes yourself, stop by the classes!
No Halloween Costumes
Halloween costumes are not permitted in any Level 2 classroom.

This is why we give dancers Halloween off (no classes Wednesday October 31st)! So they can still enjoy wearing their halloween costumes and not worry about coming to dance on that day!
Xmas Show Dances
Here is a list of the numbers that will be performing in the Christmas Show. This is not the order of the show.

Senior Ballet
Becca and Nat Duet
CK Contemp Quartet
Smiles Contemp
Junior Challengers Lyrical
Kisses Lyrical
Nerds Jazz
Stars Ballet
LOL Jazz
Ghost Hip Hop
Alien Hip Hop
Skulls Hip Hop
Inter Challengers Sarah D
Sen Challengers Sarah D
Carlo HH
Devils Hip Hop
Hearts Jazz
Smiles Ballet
Cool Kids Jazz
Cool Kids Contemp
Novice Chall Ballet Group
Winks Jazz
Kennadi and Sarah Duet
Yoga Block - do not leave in change room
Please do not leave your yoga block in the change room over night. If you dancer does not have a locker, then they should be keeping their yoga blocks in their bags and taking them to and from the studio. Yoga blocks left overnight will be put into the lost and found which we go through and get rid of every few months.

If your dancer would like to keep their yoga block at the studio, you may rent a locker.
Miss Jenn's Booster Classes
Don't forget that Booster classes run on Thursdays for 22 weeks and on Fridays for 11 weeks. Please see the attached document for details on when these Booster classes are schedule (it is not every week).

Advanced Jazz - Cancelled Date
Miss Jenn's Friday Advanced Jazz is cancelled on Friday November 23rd.
It’s that time again!

We are offering Alive Danceworks’ competitive program families some Christmas fundraising opportunities. These include Poinsettias and other beautiful Christmas greenery through Growing Smiles fundraising) and Purdy’s Chocolates. 

In addition, we will be adding a gift card fundraising opportunity through Avgen Incentives Group (keep an eye out for launch information on this one coming soon).
If you choose to participate, your profit from these fundraisers will go towards your dancer(s)’s Fall and/or Winter Rehearsal fees (charged on December 14 and January 18 respectively).
Fundraiser #1
Poinsettias, Wreaths and Holiday planters
Link to the product pricing sheet and order form is attached below (no online ordering will be available at this time).
Costs (tax included) and Profit for this fundraiser are as follows:
Poinsettias (red, pink, white) $13 each (you make $5.07 per poinsettia)
Wreaths and Indoor Planters - $32 each (you make $9.11 per wreath or planter)
Outdoor Planters - $42 each (you make $9.76 per outdoor planter)

Fundraiser #2
Purdy’s Chocolates
See the link below for the product catalogs and order forms. Note that GST must be manually added to the price of all items noted in the catalog and on the order sheet when calculating your order total! Paper product catalogs should be available to pick up at the studio soon for those who prefer that. No online ordering is available at this time.
You will make 25% profit of your total sales of the chocolates.
Payment may be made by cash or cheque. All cheques need to be made payable to ‘Friends of Alive Danceworks’. 

Order forms & Payment due:
Friday, November 16 (no later than 3pm)
Note: Payment for each fundraiser should be submitted in a separate envelope (labelled ‘Friends of Alive Danceworks’) with the completed order form. Please make sure your dancer’s name is on the order form.
Pick up for both the Poinsettias and Chocolate orders:
Friday, November 30 (afternoon time TBD)
If you have any questions please email the fundraising team at  friendsofalivedance@gmail.com
Happy Fundraising!
Rack and Roll - Deal!
We found this deal for any dancers/ parents wanting to purchase a Rack and Roll bag for competitions and shows. These are super handy if you dancer has a few routine that they are performing.