Normal Classes on Friday October 5

Studio is closed Saturday October 6 - Monday Oct 8

Classes are as normal on Tuesday October 9
Updated Extras Schedule October 3-5

This schedule is for Wednesday-Friday! Some times have changed so make sure to review this.

Extras Schedule October 8 to December 20

The first part of the extras schedule is here!!! Thank you for your patience as I created this full schedule!

Please note that this schedule WILL change. Some rehearsals will be added and some will be changed. Make sure you are checking back each week for the updated version of the week's schedule.

Let Us Know If You're Absent

Don't forget that all competitive dancers must inform the studio if they will be missing class and we do expect a reason. We keep track of our dancers attendance and we ask that parents (or dancers) to let the office know and also inform their teachers.

NUVO does not allow dancers to take drop is classes. If your Hip Hop Only dancer would like to take some drop is classes at convention (we suggest this!), please consider attending GSP (Oct 13/14).

Drop is classes $35
NUVO + GSP Schedules

NUVO anf GSP scheudled have not been released yet. As soon as they are, I will release the information for you can better plan for that weekend.
Silent Auction Donations (please <3)

We are still looking for some awesome donations for our Silent Auction! If you are unsure of what to donate, bring bottle of wine for our Wine Raffle.

Please let Bri know if you plan on donating anything.
Follow up: Suspicious Man

More information has been released in regards to the suspicious man that has been in the area. Please look at the link below for more information in regards to this man and what to do.

Happy Thanksgiving & Holiday Season