Updated Extras Schedule

We sent out the schedule yesterday, but guess what!! It’s been updated since then :D
Check it out. 

Updated Rotating Choreography

The dates for rotating schedule have been updated a little. Make sure the changes are reflected in your calendar! 

Silent Auction Tickets on Sale

Tickets are on sale at the front desk - you must have one of these tickets in order to come to the silent auction! They are $5. 

We would appreciate everyone purchasing their tickets beforehand so we can have a good idea bout how many people will be attending. 
Costume Fee Charges - Oct 19

Fall Costumes are being charged on October 19th! This is for all the dances that will be in the xmas show. Please review the document below for info on the charges for your dancer

Acro Mock Exams, Levels and Exam Schedule

Some of you may have noted there is a mock exam day set up for Acro Exams and it is based on Level. Attached you will find what Level of acro exams your dancers are doing and also the schedule for their Acro exam. In addition to this, below you will find the Acro Mock exam schedule: 

Acro Mock Exams Sunday December 2

4:00-4:45 Level 1

4:45-5:30 Level 2

5:30-6:15 Level 3

6:15-7:00 Level 4

7:00-7:45 Level 6 

*Miss Christa may move your dancer around closer to your exam date*
GSP: This Weekend

If you would like to attend this convention you still can! They are accepting registration at the door and you can always do drop in classes.

*there will be no teachers from Alive at this convention. When checking in, please look for Rhiannon (Campbell and Carys’ mom). She will be our proxy at this competition on Saturday morning. 
Silent Auction and Dance - It Helps You!

Reminder that the Silent Auction is held to help raise funds so that we can keep our families fees to a minimum! We raise money to pay for things like Acro mats, ballet bars, flights for teachers to attend trips, etc. The more money we raise, the less you pay in fees. Donating items, bringing the whole family to the event, bidding on things is all very helpful. Please support Alive in this event! We hold this event for you guys :) 

We are still accepting donations for bidding! Let us know if you have an item, gift card, or gift you would like to donate. 

For the silent auction we are looking for families to bring food and drink! 

Fruit Platter: 
Fruit Platter:
Juice boxes:
Juice Boxes:
Bottled Water: Rhiannon
Bottled Water:
Cheese Tray :
Meat Tray :
Baked Goods:
Baked Goods:
Baked Goods:
Baked Goods:

Please let us know if you can help with any of these items!

Schedule coming soon! Will send it out as soon as its available. Don’t forget that if your dancer is in the Nubie group, a parent needs to be in attendance for the whole convention.