Updated Extras Schedule

This has been updated!!! Times have shifted. Please review it for this weekend. 

Rotating Choreo Schedule

Listed in the attached document is the schedule for the rotating choreogrpahy. This schedule is pretty much set in stone - however if a teachers schedule changes, it can be updated.
If things are updated within the rotating weeks we will let you know! 

Competitive Orientation Meeting

Please don’t forget that this meeting is VERY important for both new and returning students. We hope to see you all there. Please note: We will not be answering questions from other levels in the designated level meetings (ie - level 2 questions will not be answered in the level 1 or level 3 meetings). 

Saturday September 16
5:00-5:45 Level 1 Meeting
5:45-6:30 Level 2 Meeting 
6:30-7:00 Level 3 Meeting

You MUST pick up your boxes during this time . We have limited volunteers at this time and fresh fruit will not be permitted to remain in the studio overnight. 

Thank you for making our first ever apple fundraiser a big success!

Kendra wanted to let you know that profit per box sold was stated as $13/box, but she forgot about the shipping fee of $3.75/box that Davison Orchards charges. Friends of Alive can’t cover all of this as it totals $855 for the total boxes sold, but since it wasn’t previously communicated, Friends of Alive will cover 40% of these costs ($1.50/box) and will pass on 60% to the dancers ($2.25/box). Therefore adjusted profit per box sold will be $10.75/box. 

Please speak to Kendra if you have any concerns or questions. 

New Fundraiser: Bottle Drive 
Saturday September 29
Kendra is organizing a bottle drive for any students that would like to raise some money for fees. Students/parents will be going out and collecting bottles from specific areas in the SW. The profits will be divided evenly among all the participants. More details to come. Please email Kendra at friendsofalivedance@gmail.com if you would like to participate. 

Mabels Labels 
This fundraiser will be ongoing until October 31. Order labels online  for all your dancewear, dance shoes, school clothing, supplies, lunch bags, etc. Order as many times as you like - each order will ship right after it is placed. Funds will be accumulated throughout the campaign period. You may 20% of all sales

Just go to the url:  friendsofads.mabelslabels.com

A report summarizing the orders by email address will be provided by Mabel’s Label’s to Kendra Wallace as the Friends of Alive Danceworks fundraising coordinator.

Note: In order to ensure your dancer(s) receive credit for orders placed, you need to keep track of email addresses of any friends or family that place an order. Submit a list of those email addresses plus our own email address used to place an order anytime up until October 31. Send our list to Kendra at friendsofalivedance@gmail.com or drop off your list with Mandy or Bri at the studio. 

Fees for NUVO dance convention will be charged on Friday September 14th. This includes dancers who are doing their solos as well. 

NUbie - $260+gst
Mini/Jr/Teen/Sen - $315+gst
Solos- $180+gst

Please find the attached lists of your NUVO placement below. 

Summer Choreo Charges

We are wanting to charge everyone who began their choreography in the summer. We will be charging your rehearsal fees on September 24th. If you began your choreography in the summer (august-sept 7) you will be charged at this time. Next week I will provide a list of all your charges! 

Now that your dancers are settled in, we wanted to remind you that lockers are available to rent in both the boys and girls change room. Dancers will be given a lock and combo for their locker. 

$10/month or $100 for the year 

Let us know if you would like to rent a locker!
Yoga Blocks for Acro

Don’t forget that all dancers are required to have a yoga block for their acro classes. Yoga Blocks can be purchased at SportCheck or Walmart.
Note: Every dancers should have their name on their yoga block.
Please label it! 
Competitive Website Login

Competitive Dancers and parents have access to a special page on our website that hosts some really important information. This is where you will find your music for all your competitive routines as well as updates on competitions and all the newsletters thats we send out. 

Password: emojilove
Parent Reps and Contact Lists

If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to your Parent Reps! They have all been chosen because they have knowledge within our programs and will be able to guide you further if you have questions.

Hearts: Carrie Mussbacher

Kisses: Carrie Mussbacher 

Stars: Carrie Mussbacher

Smiles: Julia Poyntz

Nerds: Rhiannon Iuliani

LOLs: Kendra Wallace

Winks: Lena Foot and Dana Heise

Cool Kids: Debbie Schotanus and Tracy Butler

Ghost Hip Hop: Carrie Mussbacher

Alien Hip Hop: Rhiannon Iuliani

Skull Hip Hop: Kendra Wallace

Devil Hip Hop: Debbie Schotanus and Tracy Butler
Proper Hair = Mandatory

While it was the first week this week and dancers don’t all have their uniforms (bodysuits are on their way! We will let you know when we will be handing them out in class), we do expect dancers to have their hair done properly for each class. Especially ballet classes. Pony’s should NEVER be worn to a ballet class (syllabus or open). 

If you are unsure of how to do a bun for ballet class, please watch the video below.
Competition Dates

April 5-7 
Edmonton, AB (Level 2/3)

April 22-27
Calgary, AB (Level 1/2/3)

May 1-5
Calgary, AB (Level 1/2/3)

Competition names and locations will be released at a later date
Calendar Update

Review the updated calendar!!
Most notably:
Return from Xmas Break: January 14th 
Year End Show: June 18-21 *classes will continues until our shows*

Halloween Silent Auction and Dance!

It’s back again!! This is always such a fun event that the dancers and parents love attending.

The halloween silent audition date has been updated since we first sent out our schedule and will now happen on Saturday October 20th. 

Put it in your calendar! Its such a fun event that our dancers and parents participate in and we always have some amazing items up for bid. 

This year, we will be asking families for donations if you have anything that would be a good addition to our silent auction line up . Things like gift cards, event tickets, items for kids, items for adults, gift baskets, etc.

Please let Bri know if you have anything you would like to donate to this awesome event! 
Video and Photo Days - Nov 5-9

Our photographer/videographer will be coming into the studio during the week of November 5-9 to take candid photos and videos for the studio. These photos will be available for purchase if you like! We will send that information out when its ready, but for now please note these days in your calendar.

We ask that dancers either wear neutral dance wear or Alive dance wear. If your dancer does not wish to be in the videos/photos, please make sure they wear either something red or something with a really bright colour. 
Yay! You Made it to the end of the newsletter!

One thing that is still to come that will likely come this Saturday or Sunday is the extras schedule for next week. We are still working on it and it will be sent out the minute it’s ready! 

In the meantime, please enjoy this adorable baby dancing :)