Updated Summer Extras Schedule

These HAVE been updated! Please review it!! If you have questions let me know. 

Ballet Intensive

There is still time to register for this intensive ballet camp! This is a great opportunity to get more training in before we start back at dance in September. The days are shorter than this weeks’ intensive! 

Let us know if you would like to register! 
Welcome Back BBQ

This BBQ is happening on Friday September 7th 4:00-6:00pm. 

If you are planning attend PLEASE SIGN UP on the list in the lobby !

I am happy to write your names down on the list if you won’t be in the studio in the next few days. 

We need to know how many people are planning on attend our event so Friend of Alive can ensure they have enough food and drinks for everyone! 
Costume + Dancewear Sale (Measurement Day)

All costumes should be in to us by the end of the day (5pm) today. Please make sure they are tagged with the form attached below. We will set the final price so if you are unsure of what to price it at, that no problem. 

We are taking costumes that are in good shape from any of the previous years! (including last year). If you were not able to get your costumes in this week, please touch base with Mandy as she will be the one in the office next week. 

Costume Sale
12:00-4:00 Teachers ONLY shop
4:00-5:00 Shoe and Dancewear sale (parents stay+sell their items)
4:00-8:00 Dancer costume try on/measurements (important!!) 
BBoy Battle: This Saturday!

Our Alive Street team is attending a battle this Saturday! Mr Rocky would like to extend an invitation to all our families to head out and support these amazing dancers. If you have ever watched this street team battle/perform you know that they are so entertaining and so talented! 

Event Starts at 12:30pm on Saturday

All the information on this event can be found with the link below. We hope to see you there!!  
Updated Calendar

We have updated our calendar!! Please put these new dates into your calendar. Some really important dates have changed! Most notably: Year End Show dates have changed! We will be using a new theatre for Year End Shows this year (still at mount royal) however we have had to adjust our show dates. This change now affects out return date after the Christmas break as well as some other dates. 


NUVO…Reg’n still not open!  

We have not bene able to register our dancers for this convention yet as registration dates have changed! As soon as we are able to register our dancers, we will let you know! 
Mandtory Orientation Meetings

Orientation Meetings for our competitive groups are happening on Saturday September 15th! Please make sure you are putting this in your calendar as we would like to see all dancers and parents in attendance for this meeting. 

This meeting is mandatory for ALL new students to alive. Please let us know if you have any questions about this!

Sat September 15
5:00-5:45 Level 1 Meeting
5:45-6:30 Level 2 Meeting
6:00-6:30 Level 3 Meeting 
Classes begin September 10

Don’t forget that ALL classes (sessional, Rec, Competitive) begin on Monday September 10th! We are so excited to get back at it.
Lockers for Rent 

This year the lockers in both the boys and girls change rooms will be available for rent! Dancers and families wanting to rent the lockers simply need to email us and we will get you organized! We will provide the locks and codes for these lockers. 

10 month Locker Rental
$10/month or $100/year

Please let us know if you would like to rent a locker this year!
Competitive Uniform 

I attached the wrong uniform list in my last email!! Please do not purchase those items for your competitive classes!! 

*Note Re: Hip Hop Shoes - you do not necessarily need these new hip hop shoes for the start of classes. You will need them for the Holiday show in December! If your dancers wants to wear their other Hip Hop shoes to their Level 2 hip Hop classes, thats fine! But we do require the uniform shoe for all shows and performances. Some parents have been saying that there are back to school sales happening right now for this shoe too!
Updated Weekly Class Schedule 

As per usual, we have made some updates to your dancer’s weekly schedule! Please review the new schedule attached below. These changes are also reflected in your online account. 

Most Notable Changes: 
Friday Class time changes and rotating choreo time change
Twister Tap and Fire Tap will now be on Sundays

*New Tap Teacher: Mr. Tyler Miller (Miss Ali’s Husband)!!! 
We are so excited to welcome Tyler to our team as our new tap teacher! 
Disney Trip

Don’t forget that the Disney sign up deadline is coming up very quickly! At this time, we are needing more dancers to attend this trip to ensure that all dancers attending have work to perform at Disneyland! It helps when your whole group can get on board. 

If you have ANY questions about this trip, please let us know! We would really love to see you all attend this event. It truly is once in a lifetime for these dancers. 

Please review the document below regarding who is attending! 

*note if you are listed in grey, that means we have you as not attending. If this is incorrect please let us know! 
Cecchetti Ballet Classes 
Smiles, LOLs, Cool Kids

Now that your dancers have had a chance to experience a Ceceehti ballet class (during summer intensive) we want to reach out one last time to see if you would be interested in adding this class to you dancers schedule. 

Please let us know asap if you would like to join Ceccehti ballet. 
Class Parent Reps and Contact Lists 

Hearts - Parent Rep: Carrie Mussbacher

Kisses - Parent Rep: Carrie Mussbacher

Stars - Parent Rep: Carrie Mussbacher


Nerds - Parent Rep: Rhiannon Iuliani

Lols - Parent Rep: Kendra Wallace


Cool Kids - Parent Rep: Debbie Schotanus

Ghost - Parent Rep: Carrie Mussbacher

Alien - Parent Rep: Carrie Mussbacher 



Rainbow - Parent Rep: Carrie Mussbacher