Updated Extras Schedule

*if your "extra" has not been scheduled yet, that simply means that your choreographer is planning to start it after xmas break*
Updated Rotating Schedule

Halloween Silent Auction - Oct 20

Our Halloween Silent Auction and Dance is almost here!! You all have donated some really great items and we are really looking forward to the auction this year!

We are still looking for donations in the form of food! Let us know if you would be willing to bring any of the following items:

Fruit tray:
small Veggie tray:
Cheese and Crackers tray:
Baked Good:
Baked Good:
*baked goods do not need to be homemade, just nut free*

We also need a couple coolers! If anyone has any coolers that we could borrow that would so helpful!!


Here are some really exciting items that will be available for bidding this year:

Joso's 1 year family membership

1 month unlimited pass to Barre Belle + water bottle

Super cute Giant stuffed unicorn

Age 21+ Police Ride Along + Sway

Flames vs Cancuks Tickets (Dec 29)

Yeti Cooler + 2 Travel Wine Cups

Lobster Dinner for 6 at The Butlers


That is just a small idea of what we've got up for auction! It's going to be a great event and we know you will find some amazing stuff that both parents and kids will enjoy.

Dancers and Family members need tickets to attend this event!
Costume Charges - Oct 19

Don't forget that you are bring charged on Oct 19 for Fall Costume Fees. If you have any questions please review the below document:

Boosters on November 8th

We have two very special guests, Karen and Sandro, coming to teach the booster classes on Nov 8th! We ask all dancers participating in this booster to please bring training/jogging style runners to class on this day.
Studio "On Own" Time

Miss Jenn has graciously decided not to charge a specific amount for dancers who book "on own" time! Instead, she asks that dancers and families who chose to use the studio space make a donation!

We will leave a box just inside the office door for anyone wanting to donate cash in exchange for using studio time.

When dancers use studio time, we have always charged them for it - however this year Miss Jenn is being so kind letting dancers use it by donation only!

Please be respectful with this new allowance.
No Classes on Halloween

Don't forget we don't have classes on Wednesday October 31st! (for halloween).
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If you aren't already doing so, you should be following us on Facebook and Instagram!

While a lot of things go up on instagram (since that's where the kids request it), we are doing our best this year to update all the parents (who don't have instragram) on our Facebook page!

Follow along and you will see some really fun stuff. We post pics and stories that the kids love to be featured and communicating over there is great!

Instagram: @alivedanceworksyyc
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