Level 3 (Challengers) Newsletter
1. Cleaning Schedule 

Junior Challengers
Miss Lauren will be cleaning Miss Jennโ€™s Jr Challengers Lyrical group on the following days. This means Jenna P and Mariana do not need to attend this cleaning time! Mariana and Jenna will receive some cleaning time with Miss Lauren separately (in January) for their solos. 

10:45-11:15 - September 30
10:45-11:15 - October 21
10:15-11:15 - November 18
10:15-11:15 - November 25

Inter Challengers/Senior Challengers 
Miss Lauren will be cleaning Sarah Dolanโ€™s pieces on the following days. This means Ashley, Preese, Christopher, Keagan, Avery, Austin, Sofia, Bryn, Anna, Sydney will receive alternating cleaning times on those days for their solos with Miss Kris. 

October 2 
8:15-8:45 Ashley/Preese
8:45-9:30 Avery/Austin/Zofia

October 23
8:15-8:45 Christopher/Keagan
8:45-9:30 Bryn/Anna/Sydney

November 6
8:15-8:45 Ashley/Preese
8:45-9:30 Avery/Austin/Zofia

November 20
8:15-8:45 Christopher/Keagan
8:45-9:30 Bryn/Anna/Sydney

December 4
8:15-8:45 Christopher/Keagan
8:45-9:30 Bryn/Anna/Sydney

*We will continue rotating after the break as well*

2. Sunday September 30 Schedule 

Junior Challengers classes will remain as usual. 

Inter and Senior Challengers will attend the Channing Cooke workshop from 12:00-3:00

Inter and Senior Challengers will receive a one hour break between their Channing Workshop and Miss Lauren/Jenn Jazz. 

3. No Challenger classes on Sunday October 14th 

When we were making the schedule, Challengers received a certain number of weekends for Challenger class time. One of the weekends off is GSP (because we were unsure how many Level 3s would attend). So there will be no challenger classes on Sunday October 14th. (you may find yourself scheduled for extras this day though!)

4. Dani West Release Forms - Inter/Senior Challengers

We ask that all Inter and Senior dancers/parents sign the release form below. If you would like to read more about why you are signing this - you can review the below letter from Dani herself! 

5. Inter/Senior Challengers - Wear All Black

Please wear all black this Sunday to Miss Jenn and Miss Laurenโ€™s Jazz rehearsal. 

6. NUVO Solos

 I just wanted to write a quick note about dancers taking their solos to NUVO. Choreographers can take up to 5 rehearsals to finish setting choreography. This does not mean that your choreographer is behind or that you arenโ€™t learning as quick as others. Some choreography is very intricate and often depends on working with the dancer at the time. Donโ€™t worry! If you are performing your solo at NUVO you have been scheduled for all 5 rehearsals before you compete your solo on October 26-28. If you would like to book additional time to your 5 before NUVO, you can let me know and I will touch base with the teachers. 

In terms of costumes, you need to speak with your choreographer about this! I will not be placing an order for costumes before NUVO, which means if you have not already figured out what you will be wearing on stage - please chat with your choreographer! 
7. Sarah D (Thanksgiving)

I really appreciate you all getting back to me so quickly about whether or not we might be able to have a Sarah Dolan rehearsal on October 8th. Dancers are away at this time and we will not be scheduling any Sarah D rehearsals (inter or sen) over the Thanksgiving break. 

8. Auditons

Donโ€™t forget the upcoming ballet auditions that Miss Lauren recommends the Level 3 dancers try! This is a great opportunity for planning your summer training (which is mandatory for Level 3 dancers). 

Royal Winnipeg Ballet
Friday October 12
Calgary, AB

National Ballet of Canada
November 6/7
Calgary, AB  
9. Inter/Senior Homework

This homework is due Next Tuesday (October 2nd).