Level 3 Newsletter
1. Before coming to your  one-on-one , please think about any questions you may have for Miss Lauren. Miss Lauren may ask you questions around what you see as your current dance goals/priorities, what your summer plans could include for dance, where you think your biggest opportunities for growth are and where you feel you have grown the most over the past few months.
2. If you are interested in  booking a photo shoot  in January with Martine, please do so  before Nov.15!  (Parents- There can be gift cards for Christmas presents!) It has only been offered to Level 3, but if the slots do not fill we will open to Level 2 and potentially the rest of Calgary. It's an awesome opportunity to do full body shots, headshots, and even audition photos. I will be on-site all day to coach the dancers and make it the best experience possible. You can see a few images on my Instagram page or check out hers here: @ martinemartellphotography
3. I have updated the  Choreo cleaning dates  below as I missed the Tuesday, Oct 23 as we were doing mental skills prep for Nuvo (my apologies!) Hand out and homework will still be given via email, just not reviewed in class!

Junior Challengers (stays the same)
Nov 18 (1015-1115)
Nov 25 (1015-1115)
Dec 9 TBD

Inter/Senior Challengers (Tuesday)
Nov 6
Nov 13
Nov 20
Dec 4 
4. As always, take advantage of any studio space (payment by donation) to practice solos, extras and groups . The studios only get busier throughout the year and it is extremely valuable to find your deliberate practice sooner than later! (ooooo, a tease of things to come!)
5. Adjudications and Results from NUVO for any soloists who competed. Use the link below to review your scores and the comments