Level Up Alert! Our amazing Agenda crew has confirmed a second speaker from Nacha for Level Up 21. Join us virtually, July 27-28, to hear from two industry leaders from Nacha as they share information on the Nacha Certified program and the historical increase recorded in the first quarter of 2021 in the ACH Network.
At Your Leisure Session: Nacha Certified for Third-Party Senders, 
Jordan Bennett, Senior Director, Network Risk Management, Nacha

Join Jordan during the coffee break, lunch, or whenever your schedule allows to hear about Nacha Certified. Nacha Certified is a voluntary program promoting strong risk management practices for third-party senders. This session will discuss what third-party senders should do to manage risk for themselves and the ACH Network, where you can find more information about ACH risk management and compliance, and how you can show your customers and financial institutions that your company is meeting industry expectations.

Jordan Bennett has been with Nacha since June 2016 and is a Senior Director, Network Risk Management. His focus at Nacha is with understanding third-party senders and the benefits they bring to the system, as well as mitigating any risk associated with this business model. Jordan runs the Nacha Certified program at Nacha. The Nacha Certified program encourages third-party senders to know and understand their risk management responsibilities in the ACH network, and promotes third-party senders with strong risk management practices. Prior to Nacha, he worked at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta in FedACH and in credit and risk management. 
Level Up 21 - The Full Agenda
In addition to this Nacha session, join us for sessions on topics ranging from:

Live! Sessions - designed to foster interaction and collaboration among your peers
  • How to Be More Creative at Work, brought to you by SecurityMetrics
  • In the Weeds on Cannabis and Payments
  • The Rocks on the Shoreline: A Lighthouse View of the Upcoming Major AML Upgrades
  • Negative-Option Billing: Risky Merchant Behaviors and Tactics from LegitScript
  • A Payment Facilitator Panel Looks at the Upcoming Changes and Potential Lurking Monsters
  • Merchant On-Boarding: The Gotchas of Automation from Agreement Express
  • Cybersecurity and the Future, brought to you by Sysnet
  • Mastercard Card Testing
  • Nailing Jell-O to the Wall: Monitoring Constantly Evolving Critical Data
  • The Dark Web - Rise of Compliance and Cybersecurity
  • Payment Facilitator Fireside Chat

At You Leisure Sessions - designed for a “deeper dive” when your schedule allows
  • ACH – The Network: Setting New Records, Ever-evolving, and Innovating
  • Are Storm Clouds Forming on the Government Relations Horizon?
  • If I Was a Cybercriminal, What Would I Do?
  • Cashless Trends in Casinos, On-Line Gaming, and Lotteries
  • Remote Interviewing: Creating an Effective Crew on Distant Shores
  • Securing Remote Payments in a Digital World
  • False Personas, Real Fraud: The Threat of Synthetic IDs

Plus, dedicated networking time, access to industry resources, and a virtual trade show with solution providers.

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