September 2016
Leveraging ESSA to Increase College Readiness and Completion
To ensure that state Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) plans will support students' success in college and careers, higher education leaders can partner with their K-12 colleagues in four main areas:

1. Alignment of K-12 and higher education goals;
2. Validation of college- and career-ready standards and assessments;
3. Strategies to support student transitions to postsecondary education and training;
4. Strengthening of teacher preparation programs and professional development.
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Postsecondary Success   = Workforce Success

ESSA provides a tremendous opportunity for states to deepen and catalyze the partnerships between their K-12 and higher education systems. With aligned goals across the education system, states can ensure that all students graduate high school prepared for college and careers and transition seamlessly into higher education, ultimately reducing the need for remediation and increasing postsecondary completion rates.
Leveraging ESSA also outlines key questions for K-12 and higher education leaders and specific engagement opportunities within the ESSA planning process. We will also release follow-up resources that take a deeper dive into the areas above later this year.  
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