Newsletter February 2020
These joint events are offered as a result of Wellspring Group’s ongoing Reaching the Next Generation project. Through co-ed events we have been able to increase accessibility to the Battle for the Heart as we expand into new countries and regions of the United States.
Like the typical Battle for the Heart event, at these events all teams are single gender and lodging is with your team. Participants sit with their teams in a large group setting but experience a rich line up of male and female speakers during the teaching time. Gender-specific sessions are offered in separate spaces.
Interested in learning more about this unique opportunity?
Learn More about our fall Battle for the Heart for Men and Women events in Alabama, Pennsylvania and Illinois.

Already a Battle alumni and want to take it one step further by learning how to battle for the heart of your spouse?
We are accepting applications until March 10 th for our Battle for the Heart for Marriages on Sept. 17-20.
In 2018 we took a major step of faith to lower a barrier of entry to the Battle for the Heart process by offering it at hard dollar cost. As a result, we have not only seen an increase in participation but approximately 45% of those participants have been under the age of 40. Our demographic is shifting, resulting in individuals, marriages, families and churches experiencing the transforming love of God through the Battle for the Heart.